3 Brilliant Alternatives to the Stock Android Camera App

Most of the stock camera apps on Android give you basic features and developers don’t give too much of attention to bringing updates to them. Zenfone, Samsung, and Sony are the only few brands that invest some time in the camera apps and give a lot of interesting shooting modes. HDR, Night Mode, Best Shot and much more, you get to explore a lot with on these apps.

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The default camera app on most of the other devices lacks these features. Apart from features like 4K video recording, quick focus, etc. which are hardware dependent, a decent app can provide other interesting features. Exposure levels, correct white balance or a night mode are just some codes running in the background and can be performed on almost any device.

So today I will talk about three alternatives you can install on your Android phones and get these advanced features while taking a photograph.

1. A Better Camera

As the name suggests, A Better Camera tries to provide you a better camera experience with all the advanced shooting mode. The camera interface is very simple, but you get options like HDR, night mode, smart removal, etc. which are hard to find in the default camera app.

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The app is a bit slow but takes beautiful photos. The app can not be used as a default camera app on a device, but when you need advanced shooting modes, it can give you some nice modes to play with and take the perfect picture. All the options are hidden under the S (Shooting Mode) Button on the top-left and a small arrow on the right edge.

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There are no filters or effects that you can apply using A Better Camera and that’s what take up to our next app in the list called Camera360.

2. Camera360

Camera360 has been around for quite a few years and has made a good name as a default camera alternative. The camera has some basic features, but lacks advanced shooting modes like HDR, night and other stuff. But, what you get, are some cool live filters and effects that you can apply to photos in real-time while shooting.

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In the camera, you can choose different filters like Lomo, Vignette, etc. There are filters like HDR effect that you can download from the online store, but they just give and HDR-style effect after the photo is shot and cannot be compared with pictures which are shot in HDR mode. Definitely, an excellent camera app for effect lovers as it offers the largest catalog when compared to other similar apps.

3. Camera ZOOM FX

While A Better Camera gives you a lot of shooting modes to try, Camera360 gives you filter and effects. Both are free apps, and you can use them for different needs. But if you are ready to play $2.99 you can download and install Camera ZOOM FX that brings you the best of both in a single app.

Camera Fx 1 1

There are different shooting modes available along with effects and filters that can be applied in real-time.  The camera is more polished when compared to A Better Camera, but effects are limited when compared to Camera360. You can also install the lite version to check out the interface before investing on the full version.

Camera Fx 2 1

Watch These Cameras in Action

If you would like to see how the three camera performs here’s a video review of them.


So there were some of the best camera alternatives for users who love point and shoot. I am sure you will find these cameras interesting and feature rich when compared to your default device camera. I will be covering another article for users who are looking for the manual camera app so stay tuned.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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