How to Get File Manager Functions on Any iOS Device

iOS is a beautiful mobile operating system but it does not come without its issues and annoyances. Limited access to the file system prevents users from directly handling and managing their files as easily as they should be able to. For example, on Android, users can simply plug their devices into a computer and search for the file they wish to work with. iOS users typically have to resort to more roundabout methods in order to access and work with many different file types.

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Note: File manager apps on iOS take advantage of the operating system’s file sharing feature

Without further ado, let’s get started.

 1. File Manager

File manager has multiple features which make it a handy app to use.

Fm 1 1

There are various options for sharing files with the app, instead of just being limited to using iTunes. Of course, if you have an iOS device, you will probably have to use iTunes at some point so let’s cover that first.

I Tunes File Sharing

In iTunes within Apps, select File Sharing and then File Master. From there you will be able to add files to the app as well as to download any files that you want to.

File Master also allows for wireless uploading to and downloading from your iOS device using Wi-Fi file sharing. Both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To determine the IP address you need to enter in order to use this feature select Upload by Wi-fi Sync in the app’s settings.

Fm Wifisync

Enter this on your web browser and then upload/download away.

Guiding Tech Wifi Sync

It is also possible to receive files via Bluetooth. The sender of the file(s) must, however, be sending the file from an iOS device running File Manager. To receive files via Bluetooth, select Receive File under the Bluetooth category in settings.

Fm Blue

Users can create folders for better organization, photos, and videos which already exist on the device can be added, you can paste from the clipboard, add a voice memo or even add a file from the web using a built-in browser. This app gives you tons of options.

Fm Op

A passcode can be set to secure sensitive files. This option is in Passcode Settings under the General Settings section of this app’s settings.

Fm Pass

File Master offers users an effective file management solution with some useful features for maximizing on the experience.

2. File Manager App

File Manager App is quite the nice looking app. It lets users manage their files quite easily. It is not as feature rich as File Manager but it works.

Fmapp Main

In addition to downloading/uploading files with iTunes, File Manager app allows users to connect a Dropbox account, in order to facilitate this process.

Fmapp Dropbox

Users can also add images to the app from the image gallery.

Fmapp Gallery

Files can also be downloaded from the web using the built-in web browser.

Fmapp Browser

Users can also set a PIN, password or even utilize TouchID for security if their device supports it.

Fmapp Security 1

File Manager App is simple and it works well.

3. File Master

File Master is a very well laid out app with great functionality. On top of that using it is a breeze.

Fmas Main 1

Managing files with iTunes is a given. Users have a variety of other options for the downloading and uploading of files.

Fmas Top 1 1

WiFi Transfer, similar to that found in File Manager is one of the available options.

Fmas Top 1 1

Users can also receive files via Bluetooth. For this process to work, files can only be received from other iOS devices running the File Master app.

Fm Blue 1

Photos can also be imported into the app from the existing photo gallery.

Fmas Photos 1

The app has its own built-in music, player and browser. In addition, photos can be taken directly from within the app and saved within the app.

Fmas Add

Not only is this a beautiful app, it is packed with functionality. I urge you to check this one out.

5. File App (File Manager & Document Reader)

File App is simple to use and has an attractive user interface. It even allows for the creation of media from directly within the app.

Fp Main 1

In terms of file sharing, users have multiple options, in addition to using iTunes. For starters, files can be shared with the app from the existing photo gallery. Users have the option of connecting using a web browser, connecting using the corresponding File App desktop software or connecting using an FTP server application. These processes are outlined in the screenshot below.

Fp Fs

Users can take photos, record voice notes or make notes from directly within the app and save them there.

Fp Create

It’s always nice to see password protection offered in an app like this and File App does not disappoint.

Fp Protect 1

Finally, as the name suggests, the app comes with a built-in document viewer.

Fp Docview

File App offers users an all in one package where they can do may things, including listen to music from directly within the app.

6. Documents Pro 7: Free Office File Manager For Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Docs Drive

Document Pro 7 is a multi-featured powerhouse.

Docpro7 Main

Users have a variety of options for the download of files to the application outside of iTunes. The Downloader  allows for the download of content from the built in web browser.

Doc7 Dl

The Shared Folder option allows for the sharing of files using Finder on Mac OSX or Windows Explorer on Windows.

Doc7 Sf

As long as it is enabled, WiFi sharing can be utilized by entering the sharing URL provided in the web browser of your choice.

Doc7 Wifi

Users can also transfer files using an FTP server program by utilizing the provided sharing URL.

Doc7 Ftp

Files can also be accessed using Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

A passcode can be set in order to add a degree of security.

Doc7 Secure

7. Total Downloader Free

Total Downloader Free offers users basic functionality as a file manager. It’s a quick and easy way to handle your file management needs.

Td Main

Users can use the built-in browser to manage downloads.

Td Browse

Users can also add cloud accounts in order to download files to the app. The services available to add accounts from are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and WebDav.

Td Cloud

Users can also transfer files to their device using a web browser of their choice.

Td Wifi

The app comes ready with a built-in mini player which can be used to play the media downloaded to the app.

Finally, users can add a passcode for security.

Td Secure

Total Downloader Free is quick and easy.


The apps outlined above offer varying degrees of functionality. From the multi featured powerhouse File App, to the simple Total Downloader, there are many options for you to choose from.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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