3 Reasons for Not Renewing Your Apple Music Subscription

Your three-month free trial of Apple Music has just about come to an end. Now, if you want to keep taking advantage of the service, you’re going to have to start paying about $10 per month. First, if you read Guiding Tech often, you might have already taken a look at our top three reasons why you should renew your Apple Music subscription when the trial is over.

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If you’re not down for Apple Music, Spotify has some unique features of its own | Photo: Twin Design / Shutterstock

Now, because the decision is ultimately up to you, we’re going to present three major reasons why you shouldn’t renew your Apple Music subscription. Maybe you might want to switch to a different streaming service like Spotify or abandon streaming altogether. Either way, here are a few things to consider.

1. Spotify is Better at Managing Music

The one thing I truly missed when I switched over to Apple Music from Spotify and continue to miss month’s later is Spotify’s way of organizing music. When you want to create a playlist in Apple Music, it’s required that you also add the songs in that playlist to your saved music library. But sometimes I want playlists for special occasions that I don’t want directly mixed in with my music.

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For instance, if I’m creating a holiday playlist with 100 songs, I want those songs stored only in that playlist and not with the rest of my music. That’s not possible with Apple Music, but it’s standard in Spotify. Spotify lets you create multiple playlists with various songs, then also have a separate “Your Music” category where your favorites are saved.

Even worse with Apple Music’s organization — if you delete songs from a playlist or even delete the entire playlist, those songs won’t delete from your saved music. You’ll have to hunt down all the songs to get rid of them manually. It’s ridiculous. Long story short: Spotify is much better at organizing your music and playlists.


2. Spotify and Tidal Offer Student Discounts

If you’re currently a college or university student, you can get a tremendous 50 percent off discount using Spotify or Tidal. Both of these streaming music services offer their premium plans for only $4.99 per month to students. Apple Music has no such discount — it’s $9.99 per month for everyone.

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If you’re not a student, this doesn’t apply to you, but students know that the $5 per month will quickly add up in their savings. Plus, the sheer value of unlimited streaming of over 30 million songs for only $4.99 is incredible.

3. Free Alternatives Might Be Enough

If ditching Apple Music is a matter of ditching streaming altogether rather than switching to a different streaming service, consider all you get online for free already.

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Spotify offers a totally free streaming plan which allows for unlimited streaming on desktop devices (supported by ads) and shuffle play plus radio on mobile devices. You can also access Internet radio through Pandora, which people already know and love. And if you’re looking for songs that you may not have come across on Spotify or Pandora, you can always try Vevo to see if there’s an official music or lyric video published.

All of these services are available to you for free. They require you to constantly switch between services and deal with advertisements, but if you find those inconveniences are worth the free price, paying monthly for a streaming plan isn’t necessary for you.

The Flip Side

Now that you’ve considered these top three reasons to abandon your Apple Music subscription, it’s only fair to way the pros and cons. Be sure to check out our three reasons why you should consider keeping Apple Music.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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