3 Reasons Why You Should Renew Apple Music Subscription

That three-month free trial of Apple Music was pretty sweet. Three months of free music streaming without any ads is hard to pass up. But if your trial is sadly coming to an end, it looks like you’re faced with a hard choice. You can go back to your ad-supported Spotify streaming, give up streaming entirely, or start paying $9.99 per month to continue using Apple Music (or $14.99 for a family plan).

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Have a game plan ready for when your Apple Music free trial is up | Photo: GongTo / Shutterstock

$10 per month doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’ll end up being an extra $120 per year out of your pocket that you might not have been paying, especially during your trial. To help you make your decision, here are three reasons why you should totally go for renewing your Apple Music subscription.


1. Awesome Recommendations

As someone who has used Spotify, Rdio and Pandora, I can vouch that Apple Music definitely has the best personalized recommendations. The service pays attention to the songs you stream and “like” within the apps and then recommends new music for you to check out in the aptly named For You tab.

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I’ve developed a fondness for several new artists from this section in Apple Music, meanwhile, I’ve never had any such luck with any of the competing streaming services. Spotify has a similar feature in the form of a Discover Weekly playlist that’s curated each week with new music based on what you play, but the recommendations are never nearly as solid.

Plus Apple Music includes a nice mix of curated playlists as well as full-length albums worth giving a listen. If you enjoy discovering new music, Apple Music shines in this area.

2. Low Cost

Yes, Apple Music follows the industry standard of $9.99 per month for unlimited, ad-free streaming. But it’s more than just that. If you already signed up for the Apple Music free trial and didn’t want to move elsewhere, think about how much cheaper that is than buying albums and songs individually. Often, $9.99 is less than the price of a single album. Yet with that money, you get access to over 30 million songs.

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On top of that, Apple Music has a great bargain for families. If you’ve hooked up your family through iCloud, you can add as many as six people to your Apple Music account and make it a family plan for a fixed rate of $14.99 per month. That means whether you have a family of two or a family of six that family price is the same.


3. Siri

One of my favorite features of Apple Music is its direct integration with Siri. When you’re an Apple Music subscriber and have the service enabled on your iPhone or iPad, you can tell Siri to play just about any song, artist or album in Apple Music without having it saved to your library. You can also have Siri play interesting playlists or mix things up by saying something like “Play the best-selling song of 1999.”

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Unfortunately, if you switch to third-party streaming apps at this time you can’t control them with Siri outside of basic playback functions.

The Flip Side

Now that you’ve considered these top three reasons to keep your Apple Music subscription, it’s only fair to way the pros and cons. Be sure to check out our three reasons why you should consider ditching Apple Music, coming soon.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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