How to Fix iOS App Stuck at Loading or Installing on iPhone

It was just yesterday when I came across this article by Walt Mossberg where he lamented the apparent degradation in quality of apps on iOS and Apple software in general. If this were two or three years ago, he would have probably drawn flak from Apple apologists bloggers. This time, though, most seemed to be in agreement. Didn’t surprise me at all, considering the kind of bugs I’ve been seeing on my iPhone 6 lately. Latest in that list: iOS app getting stuck at loading/installing.

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Hey Siri, can you fix this app not installing problem?

So this is how Amazon’s iOS app looked on my iPhone one fine day. It had been like that for two days. Tapping on it didn’t do anything. Rebooted the iPhone. Still nothing.

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I decided to try the reinstallation route. Opened the App Store, searched for Amazon (before you mock, yes I did go to the Updates section and no, Amazon app wasn’t showing up in that list) and then started the installation.

To my agony, it got stuck there too.

2 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Right, so this was a big problem because I actually needed to buy something on Amazon. And who has the time to open the laptop, open a new browser tab and then type Mobile is the future, right?

Let’s Fix the Problem

Here’s how I fixed this issue on my iPhone.

Step 1: Go to General -> Storage & iCloud Usage.

3 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Step 2: Tap on the first Manage Storage option here. The one that’s under Storage.

4 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Step 3: Look for the app in question (Amazon in my case) and tap on it. Should not be hard to spot considering it’s been stripped off its icon design and colors.

5 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Step 4: Delete the app. It will also delete the data on the app that’s on your iPhone, mind you. In almost all cases, signing in to the app after reinstalling it will bring back the data. But then there are apps (text messaging apps, for instance) that back up data only locally. So make sure to check on this and have the data backed up first if it isn’t already.

6 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Step 5: Reboot your iPhone (or iPad, as the case may be).

Step 6: Go to the App Store and reinstall the app.. and voila!

8 Fix Stuck At Loading Ios Apps

Note: FYI, when I started the re-installation process, it again took some time and had me worried thinking that it’s stuck like last time. But it did go through eventually (read 10 mins).

So do give it some time if it isn’t happening as fast as it should.

What if this Doesn’t Work?

If the above steps don’t work out for you, you could try signing out of the App Store (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID -> Sign Out), and then rebooting and signing in again by going to App Store -> Featured and scroll down to the bottom where it asks you to sign in.

You could also reinstall the app through iTunes on your computer after connecting the iPhone to it.

Hopefully, one of these things should work. If nothing works, buy a new iPhone.

Kidding, take it to the Apple Store.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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