How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android, Free

Data on WhatsApp is as crucial these days as our contacts and messages are. For most of us who don’t automatically save the WhatsApp media to the internal memory of the phone storage, the importance is even more because of all the media files.

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Now, while changing phones within the same ecosystem. Both iPhone and Android users can use iCloud or Google Drive to backup and restore WhatsApp contents. But if you are moving from iPhone to Android, things become a little more complicated as there is no direct way to transfer the data. The Google Drive integration is also limited to Android and there is no official announcement if the feature will ever be added to iOS.

So in the final article of our series on how to migrate iPhone data to Android, I will show you how to copy all the WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android for free. We have already covered contacts, messages, and media files migration which you might want to check out.

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Migrating WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android

Step 1: Make a complete local backup of your iPhone using iTunes and make sure it’s not encrypted. We already did create iTunes backup while talking about contacts and SMS backup and you can use the same.

Step 2: Download and open iPhone Backup Browser and load the backup file you created using iTunes.

Step 3: This one is a bit tricky. First of all, click on the (—) sign and then extract the file ChatStorage.sqlite to a folder. This is the file that has all the text backup of your WhatsApp conversations. If you wish to take Media Backup also, search for the group net.whatsapp.WhatsApp and then select and extract everything under the Library/Media section. Please refer to the two screenshots for better insight.

Whatsapp Data Migration 3
Whatsapp Data Migration 4

Step 4: Once all these files are extracted, transfer them to the Android’s internal memory using a data cable.

Step 5: Download and install WazzapMigrator app on your Android. The app is available as lite (free) version using which you can extract just the text messages to WhatsApp. But the pro version at $2.99 can also extract the media files as well. Depending upon the backup size, the extraction might take some time but it should not exceed 2 hours. But still, make sure you do support the developers if the app helps you.

Whatsapp Data Migration 2
Whatsapp Data Migration 1

Step 6: The app will automatically detect the database, but you need to manually browse for the media folder for the app to recognize.

Migrator 1
Migrator 2

Step 7:  Once everything is in place, tap the Play button and wait for the app to create a WhatsApp backup file that can be read by WhatsApp for Android.

Finally, all you need to do is install the official WhatsApp app and restore the local data while verifying your phone number.

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The process might look a bit complicated and I won’t deny the fact. This is the only working way at the moment using which you can migrate WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android and I wish there was an easier way. But still, you can always reach out to us via comments or forum for any doubts or issues you face.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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