How to Transfer Media from iPhone to Android for Free

Before I begin, just wanted to let you know that this post is a part of our series on how to transfer all the data from iOS to Android without paying for apps and we have already covered the contacts and SMS section previously that you might want to check out. This one is for users who wish to transfer their photos and videos from iOS to Android.

Iphone To Android
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If you are a Google Photo user and sync photos online, the story ends there, you can sync photos directly from Google Photos, or any other cloud syncing solution you prefer. But if you are strict about privacy and keep your photos to yourself, here’s an easy way to transfer the photos and videos to your Android device.

We would be using the local iPhone backup created by iTunes to extract the media files and then transfer it to Android. If you haven’t created a full iOS backup to the local computer, I insist you create one as it will help in WhatsApp data migration too, which we will cover later. So let’s begin.

Transfer Media Files from iPhone to Android

Step 1: Download and extract the app called the iPhone Backup Browser on your computer. This is a free application using which you can extract data from the backups iTunes creates unless the backup file is not encrypted.

Step 2: Open the file iphonebackupbrowser.exe and it will open up the application and it would be completely blank with not many options to play with. To get started, click on the drop-down menu and select the iPhone backup that you just created from the iPhone. The tool will then load the same stuff in the top panel.

Iphone Backup Rowser Exe
Iphone Backup Browser

Step 3: Click on the first item that is (—) and says System under the name tab and it will show a listing of files in the lower panel. Please check the screenshot for further understanding.

Step 4: Now look for Media/DCIM/100Apple/IMG and select the first file. Now hold down the Shift button and select the last file in the list which will select all of the media files.

Note: The reason we are using this and not directly copying the files from iPhone is because the EXIF data is preserved

Step 5: Finally, click on the button Export selected files and wait for the app to copy all the data from backup to the specified folder. The app will not show any progress bar and it will freeze for the entire operation. You might even see a not-responding message you should choose to ignore. I would recommend leaving the PC idle till the data is being extracted and copied.

Media Files

Step 6: Now plug in your Android to the PC in Media Transfer mode and copy all the files (or directory) to the DCIM folder. That’s about it, all the photos will be transferred from iPhone to Android and you also get a copy on your computer as an added advantage.



So that was how you can transfer media files from iPhone to Android. Don’t forget to tune into the next article where I talk about how you can transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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