How to Get iOS Parallax Effect on Any Android Device

One of Apple’s most notable characteristics is their impeccable attention to detail. From hardware, right through to software, Apple’s devices always portray a sense of elegance.

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One of the instances where this eye for detail is most noticeable is with the parallax effect in iOS. The parallax effect was introduced with the release of iOS 7 and can be observed on the lock and home screens.

What is it?

Parallax refers to an apparent difference in position based on one’s viewing angle. In iOS, the parallax effect forces the icons to remain stationary, while the background moves around depending on the direction in which the device is moved. This creates a sense of depth and makes for quite impressive visuals.

Wouldn’t it be great if this effect could be achieved on Android? Thankfully it can. The following wallpaper apps below will allow Android users to enjoy this very cool iOS feature.

Note: There are several wallpaper apps

1. Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper

Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper is a wallpaper app which offers users a galactic themed wallpaper which can be customized to users’ content.

Parallax Galaxy 1Original
Parallax Galaxy Vieworiginal

Within the wallpaper settings, changing the FPS (frames per second) changes the speed with which the parallax wallpaper adapts to the change in angle of your android device.

Parallax Galaxy Fps 1Original
Parallax Galaxy Fps 2Original

The color of the starry background can also be changed.

Parallax Galaxy Color 1Original
Parallax Galaxy Color 2Original

You can also change the degree to which changing the angle of your phone, changes the orientation of the wallpaper.

Parallax Galaxy Parallax 1

Selecting the Scrolling option means that when the home screen is changed, the portion of the wallpaper displayed will also be changed.

Parallax Galaxy Scrolling 1 1 3
Parallax Galaxy Scrolling 2 1 3

The quantity, size and speed of the pulsing of light from the stars in the background can also be adjusted.

Parallax Galaxy Customize 1

Overall, this is a great wallpaper but what makes it shine is the customization.

2. Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper

Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper is a wallpaper app made by the same developer as Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper who goes by the name Wasabi.

Parallax 3D Main 1
Parallax 3D Main

Almost all of the settings which can be edited are identical to those of Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper. The only exception is the ability to load a custom photo to which the parallax effect can be applied. This sets it apart from other similar apps including Galaxy Parallax Live Wallpaper. In Settings simply select Custom Photo, and also Load Photo. Load the photo from your collection that you wish to use and then set it.

Parallax 3D Custom 2
Parallax 3D Custom

This is a great feature and truly allows users to take full potential of the parallax effect on their Android devices.


These two apps by Wasabi allow users the ability to customize their parallax effect enabled backgrounds with Parallax 3D Live wallpaper even providing the ability to load custom photos.

The parallax effect creates the illusion of depth and overall gives the user interface an appearance of increased quality and a feeling of completeness.

These two apps are worth giving a shot but please do let us know if you have any other suggestions for this type of app or any general feedback in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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