Alarm 2 For Mac: Feature-Rich Alarm Clock For Timely Wake Up

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Herbert Lui from Cutedge.

What’s worse — waking up to the shriek of an alarm clock, or being late for work? You’d think that the beeping would make you get up and turn it off, thus waking you up, right? So why on earth is that snooze button being used so often?

Originally, I also had trouble waking up to a traditional alarm clock because I couldn’t stand the wailing — it sounded so terrible! Right when I heard it, I’d instantly hit the Snooze button. Self-restraint went out the window at 7:30AM.

I started using an FM radio to wake up, and that was cool — until the signal became inconsistent. I took the idea and ran with it: Today, I will show you a piece of freeware named Alarm Clock 2 by Robbie Hanson that helped me to start waking up on time.

Alarm Clock 2 For Mac

I favor computer alarm clocks for their variety; instead of just beeping, they usually have a library of different sounds to choose from.


Alarm Clock 2 takes this even further by giving you access to your iTunes library. You can pick any song or playlist and use it as an alarm.

If you have an Apple remote, you can use that turn your alarm off or snooze. Since I don’t, I simply use my keyboard — by hitting any key, I can snooze, but to turn the alarm key I hit the enter/return button.


You can set multiple alarms, and you can set alarms to go off on specific days. For example, you could set an alarm from Monday to Friday for 7:30AM to get to work on time, then set an alarm for Saturday and Sunday at noon (hey, gotta catch up on sleep, right?).


You might be concerned with the volume at which you wake up — some alarm clocks can be very distressing when they blare at first. Alarm Clock 2 has a feature called Easy Wake, which scales the volume down to a certain percentage, and works its way up to 100% in a certain duration of time (default is two minutes).


Now it’s actually possible to just lie in bed and listen to your favorite song while your brain starts turning itself on, instead of having to get up and snooze to avoid that annoying alarm.


If you’ve got a Windows PC, unfortunately I don’t have an identical counterpart to Alarm Clock 2. Not to worry — Guiding Tech has got you covered with an article about 8 cool online alarm clock websites.

Download Alarm Clock 2 for Mac.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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