Encrypto and Hider 2: Comparing 2 Encryption Apps for Mac

As has been the case since the first commercial PCs were around, there are ways in which any user’s information and data can be compromised.

Hider 2 And Encrypto Mac Security Main

Because of all this, encryption tools are gaining value every day, especially if they are fast, accessible and easy to use.

Today we take a look at two of these tools: Encrypto and Hider 2. We’ll check their most important features, see how they compare to each other and how Mac users can benefit from them.


While not the most complete when it comes to advanced features, Encrypto (free on the Mac App Store) makes up for it with its simplicity, ease of use and convenience.

Encrypto Main Window

The app is presented as a simple window and that is the only thing you need to interact with in order to safeguard your files using AES-256 encryption. You drag and drop one or multiple files into it, then add a password (and even an optional hint so you don’t need to send the password by message) and click Encrypt to get your files encrypted.

Encrypto File Password
Encrypto File Encrypted

Besides this, Encrypto also supports the OS X Share Menu extension, allowing you to send encrypted files via the app itself or via other apps that support the functionality.

Encrypto Share Menu

On top of that, Encrypto also provides the option to save encrypted files to your hard disk, which in turn lets you move your files around or upload them to your favorite cloud services to have encrypted backups to access anytime.

If there is one drawback that I find about the application is that it does not support iOS devices, limiting you to encrypt and transfer files only between Macs and PCs.

Hider 2

While not free as with Encrypto, Hider 2 (free demo, $19.99 for the paid version) uses AES-256 encryption (used by Encrypto as well) to protect files, folders and more.

Hider 2 Logo
Hider 2 External Drives

The app also supports tags, and even works with external drives. Think more about it as a sort of 1Password-esque app for encrypted files. You use a password to access the app’s vault, where you can find all your important and files and other documents you have chosen to encrypt. You cannot create additional vaults, though. However, one should be enough for most users.

Hider 2 Vault

The cool thing about Hider 2 is that you just need to drag your files into the app and it will not only instantly encrypt them, but it will give you the option to also hide those files from other public users. Of course, if you want an item to remain visible, you can do so on a per-item basis from within the app.

Hider 2 Hide Files Option

Hider 2 also supports secure notes, a feature that while not uncommon in other security-related apps like 1Password, is still nice to have within easy reach.

Which One’s for You?

And there you have them. Two great file encryption apps for your Mac that each provides a different feature set. It all comes down to which features you appreciate the most and how much are you willing to spend to have your most important and sensitive files safeguarded.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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