How to Import Passwords from 1Password to Dashlane

Did you read our article on the several benefits of switching to Dashlane from 1Password? Maybe that convinced you to make the move. If that’s the case, you don’t need to sweat about all the logins, passwords and secure notes you’ve accumulated over time in 1Password.

Password Migration
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Dashlane has an easy importing feature that allows you to transfer all of your data over from 1Password. Yes, that’s all of your data — everything from saved Wi-Fi passwords to bank accounts, logins to autofill. If you already moved from LastPass to 1Password as per our recommendation, give this one last transfer some thought; it’s easy enough. Follow the simple steps below to get started.

Export 1Password Data

First, you’re going to need to export your 1Password data. That means before you fully transition to Dashlane, it’s important that you didn’t already remove 1Password from your computer.

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Open 1Password and head up to the menu bar. Click File, then click Export. Choose whether you want to export all of the items in your vaults or just some of the items to Dashlane. If you only want to export some, first go back and select all of the passwords in 1Password’s scrolling list that you want before heading back to the menu and clicking Selected Items… Otherwise, click All Items

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You may be prompted to enter your master password here. If not, you should see right away that your passwords and other data are ready for exporting. 1Password also warns you that while your export file exists, none of your data is protected. Make sure that the file format is .lpif in the drop-down menu before continuing.

Important: To keep your information as secure as possible, be sure as soon as the export and future import processes are complete, you delete the exported file from 1Password completely from your computer
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Once your 1Password data is exported to the location of your choice, open Dashlane. Go to the menu bar and click File, then Import and then choose 1Password from the list of services.

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Note that Dashlane informs you about needing that .lpif file, so click Import in the window, locate your 1Password export and open it. It should be named “data.lpif.”

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You’re all set from here. Depending on how many items you have to import, it could take a few moments for all of them to appear in Dashlane. When the import process is complete, you should see all your data now in Dashlane’s colorful interface.

Important: Double check to make sure everything you wanted to import has been successfully added to the Dashlane app, including passwords, credit cards, bank accounts

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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