4 Questions You Didn’t Know You Could Ask Siri on Apple TV

Siri on Apple TV is awesome for finding great movies and TV shows to watch by your favorite actors or in your favorite genre. Plus, the search results will show you selections both inside of iTunes and in other apps like Netflix and Hulu. But Siri can do far more than just find new content for you to watch.

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Siri can do more for you and your Apple TV than you think | Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

Like on iPhone and iPad, Siri for Apple TV is capable of answering many different questions. It may not have as much of the sass built in or even as many of the features, but a few questions you may not know about could help you out with your viewing experience or even just your day in general.

1. “What did they say?”

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Are you ever watching television and and socializing at the same time? Perhaps you have to keep your volume low for someone but you’re having a hard time hearing. You know how easy it is to miss a single sentence a character says and throw you completely off track with what’s happening. Conveniently, Siri for Apple TV has a great built-in feature that solves this problem.

If you ever find yourself watching something and missed a brief moment, ask Siri “What did he/she say?” Siri will rewind the footage by 10 seconds and even temporarily turn captions on so you can quickly catch up.

2. “Who’s in this?”

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Sometimes the name of that actor or actress is right on the tip of the tongue yet you can’t quite remember it. Siri to the rescue yet again. Just hold up your Siri remote while you’re watching a movie or television show on Apple TV and ask “Who’s in this?” to get a list of all the stars in that show or film. You’ll have your answer faster than you can probably type “imdb.com” into your address bar.


3. “Show me the extended forecast.”

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For some reason, whenever you ask Siri on your Apple TV something as simple as “What’s the weather?” It doesn’t give you very much information. It gives you a sneak peak of the current conditions, then if you swipe up you get a detailed hourly forecast. However, you’ll notice that the extended multi-day forecast is completely absent.

Instead, you have to specifically ask Siri for the extended forecast. Try rephrasing your question to something like “What is the extended forecast?” or “Show me the seven-day forecast.” to at last see what the week ahead looks like. I’m not sure why Apple decided to separate the hourly forecast from the extended forecasts, but yes it is possible to view both.

4. “How’s the stock market doing?”

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Siri on Apple TV provides two different kinds of stock market information: individual stocks or, what’s lesser known as a capability, the entire set of markets. So for instance, you could ask Siri “Show me Apple’s stock” to see the most recent stats for AAPL.

But my favorite feature is asking something as broad as “How’s the stock market doing?” Siri will bring up a full stock ticker with the NASDAQ, DOW and other markets scrolling by like you might see on broadcast TV stations. That way you can get a glimpse of all your investments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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