Top 3 Apple TV Apps for Watching Personalized News

Personalized news has been on the rise for years and it makes sense. No one wants to watch an hour-long segment of news on the television every night if they’re only interested in maybe five percent of the news stories. In the age of the Internet, it’s perfectly feasible to be able to customize the news and tailor it just to your interests.

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If you have an Apple TV, though the App Store might be new, it does have apps that can provide this personalized news experience. Say goodbye to the nightly cable broadcast and hello to these three customizable news Apple TV apps.

1. Newsy

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Newsy is a terrific, free Apple TV app that combines the best of old-school video news with the personalization and modernity of the Internet. You can choose to watch Newsy’s 24-hour live broadcast to get a small taste of everything going on or choose your own topics to watch only news clips relevant to you. The videos always include helpful infographics, captions, images and other media that always manage to capture my interest.

Whether you’re into science or politics, just select with your remote what you feel like watching then absorb your news for the day.

Note: Though Newsy’s content is stellar, it isn’t quite as customizable as some other apps on this list. If you’re really big on the personalization, keep reading.

2. Haystack TV

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As soon as you launch Haystack TV, the Apple TV app asks you to choose the categories that interest you for your Daily Headlines. These include but are not limited to world news, entertainment news, science and technology, business and finance, sports, video game news, late night shows and movie trailers.

After that, you can favorite more specific topics that interest you like the Oscars, Washington or Celine Dion no less. Finally, you get to choose your favorite news sources. What this all adds up to is a supremely personalized experience.

The app will aggregate news clips from various sources based on your interest and present them to you as headlines though you’re still free to browse other news clips at your leisure. Haystack TV is a wonderful, and free, way to skim through the news that piques your interest.

3. Reuters TV: Video News

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My favorite part about the free Reuters TV: Video News is that every time you open the app, it’ll ask you how much time you have to get filled in on the news: 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. With that information, it will tailor the top news clips it shows to fill that time slot. Of course, Reuters is mostly a publication that covers business, finance, politics and tech but it still has a reputation for being a very reliable important news source.

You can also head to the settings and customize the app to show international news to get your full dose of worldly knowledge in for the day.

Like ’em? Use ’em!

Since all of these apps are free, waste no time turning on your Apple TV and getting yourself up to speed on what’s important to you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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