How to Easily Delete Website Accounts

We have all needed to delete an account on a website before. Whether this is due to an email address switch or to just make sure you completely escape from a barrage of annoying emails, sometimes deleting a website account can be quite frustrating.

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That’s where comes in to save the day. This online tool is an awesome collection of links which can make the deletion of a website account a breeze. However, it should be noted that some accounts are unfortunately impossible to delete.

How it Works

As of writing this article has a directory of 477 links which seeks to make deleting your accounts for various services easier.

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Note: Even without actually clicking on them, the color-coded links seen above give users information on the difficulty they will encounter on attempting deletion of their account. Below, the meaning of the differently colored boxes is highlighted.

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Deleting accounts associated with websites highlighted in green is quite simple and usually involves just a couple of steps. For example, look at the description for Todoist. After logging into your account, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the delete my account button, re-enter your password and the account will be deleted.

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Websites highlighted in yellow require a little more work as can be seen with SurveyMonkey. The steps here are a good representation across the board of the sites highlighted in yellow.

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Those highlighted in red require even more work and the company will need to be contacted to facilitate the deletion process.

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Finally, the websites which are listed with a black background are simply impossible to delete, unfortunately, which is honestly quite displeasing. This is the case with Starbucks.

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If you are using Google Chrome, there is a extension which can be downloaded that will make deleting accounts easier. If you visit a website that is in the directory, a traffic light icon will appear in the omnibar.

Note: The color of the ‘traffic light’ corresponds to the colors on the website which indicate the difficulty one encounters when attempting account deletion. Clicking on the icon will take you to the link you need to go to in order to delete your account.

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There is also a fake identity generator function on the website which allows users to quickly generate fake information for cases such as a website they only plan to use once. Sometimes this is the case and persons may wish not to disclose any personal information in the process.

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It can be frustrating not being able to delete an account from a website that is no longer needed. Many of us probably just give up when we run into the many times unnecessary difficulty.

The information associated with these accounts is ours and we should have the right to remove it if we so please. It does sometimes seem that companies try to make it as difficult as possible to escape from using their services maybe in an attempt to keep their numbers at a certain level.

Unfortunately, this probably just makes persons quite frustrated. A more effective might be to ask users who want to leave for feedback. This is reasonable as one can understand why a company would want to know why a customer is leaving. The provided feedback could very well help the company to improve. This is completely fine but please do not make us stay when we don’t want to.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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