How to Manage Subscriptions on the New Apple TV

Many different apps in the App Store, especially those related to entertainment on the Apple TV, include the option to subscribe to their services on a weekly or monthly basis. Some examples of apps that feature subscriptions are Netflix, HBO Now, Time Magazine and Apple’s own Apple Music service.

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When you sign up for a subscription service in the App Store, nearly every time you’ll enroll in auto-renew, which means that you’ll get billed every billing cycle for the service regardless of whether you use it or not. If you want to manage these subscriptions and options such as auto-renew, you can actually do this directly from your Apple TV.

Tip: You can even see subscriptions on your Apple TV that you signed up for on iOS or Mac as long as you used your iTunes account.

Manage Subscriptions on Apple TV

To manage your service subscriptions on Apple TV, first head to the Settings app on the Home screen.

From here, swipe down and select Accounts.

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All the way at the bottom of this screen, choose Manage Subscriptions… under subscriptions. You’ll have to be logged in with your Apple ID, mainly for iTunes and the App Store, before you can proceed from here.

Even if you’re already logged in, you’ll still have to enter your iTunes Store password ahead of time to verify.

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Tip: If you have the Remote app for iPhone or iPad, definitely consider using it for this part. Typing with the Apple TV remote is extremely tedious, so you might as well use the keyboard on your smartphone or tablet instead. If you don’t have Apple’s Remote app, you can find it in the iOS App Store for free. It can also control iTunes on your computer.

Once you enter your password, you can see your subscriptions across all devices. Click one to see the options available for that subscription. At the top, it will tell you the status of a subscription and information like what plan you’re on or if the subscription has expired.

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Underneath that, you can view renewal options. For instance, with Apple Music, you can change your plan from individual monthly to family monthly, which is an extra $5 per month and expands to family members on your account. You can also choose Turn Off Automatic Renewal to automatically cancel your subscription at the end of the current billing period. If you cancel, subscriptions still show up in this section of the Apple TV for you to renew at any time.

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Lastly, on the left side, the terms of your subscription are outlined.

That’s everything you need to manage subscriptions on Apple TV. Don’t forget that you can also manage subscriptions in the Settings menu on iOS and on your account page in iTunes.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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