How to Get Favorite Old Windows Features in Windows 10

Old habits die hard and that’s one of the major reasons we always have seconds thought about upgrades. Even when they are free. Take Windows 10 for example, while it brings so many new features when compared to old versions of Windows, it also takes away some of the well-known ones.

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Desktop Gadgets, Windows Media Center and also games like Free Cell (the only game my dad plays) were removed from Windows 10 and from what it looks like, Microsoft is not going to add these back. While adding new features are always welcomed, removing them without any reason is not taken positively by many users.

So if you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are missing classic features from an older version of Windows, we are going to fix that for you in this article. We will be using a program called Missed Features Installer for Windows 10 to get back the features, but before we do that, please go these prerequisites.

Necessary Prerequisites

  1. Please create a restore point on your computer as it’s the easiest possible way to revert back to default settings.
  2. Missed Features Installer for Windows 10 is an ISO file and is around 1.2 GB download. As all the installers and files are packed in it, the file size is understandably huge.
  3. You will need to install DAEMON Tools Lite to read the ISO files using a virtual drive.
  4. Save and close any application you are working on and start fresh. A reboot of the computer would be great.

Adding The Old Windows Features

Having done all that, mount the ISO file downloaded and run the application.

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The homepage as three pages that lists all the features that you can add using the program. You will get some of the major features like Aero, Classic Games, and Media Center to nifty features like Classic Calculator, Windows Mail (from Windows 7) and even Desktop Personalization. You even get back the Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10.

Missed Feature Installer

One thing to note here is that the application installs a third-party alternative if the feature is totally stripped down by Microsoft and there is no native method to add it. For example, if you choose to get back Classic Start Menu, it will automatically install the Classic Shell application that bring backs the feature.

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Note: The app asks you to turn off UAC before making any changes so that you have a seamless installation of all the applications. Once you are done, please remember to enable UAC for security reasons.

The app is free to use and works like a charm. It automatically detects if you are on a 32 or a 64 Bit Windows OS and then installs the features and program based upon it.


So that was how you can get back old features on Windows back in Windows 10. If you were looking for something like this, I can guarantee you that it’s the best possible way to get back the features. Everything is brought under one roof by the developer.

I understand that the size of the file is 1.2 GBs and you even download stuff you don’t plan to apply, but from what I think, it’s better than fishing for download links in various websites and forums.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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