3 Camera Apps for Android to Get Real-time Filter Effects

Instagram, Snapseed, PicsArt Studio are few of the top photo editing applications available for Android where you can apply different filters to the photos you have shot. No doubt, they are amazing apps, but you get the final processed images later and not at the time of clicking the photo.

Photo Effects

So today I will share three amazing camera apps you can use on your Android to get real-time effects right when you snap photographs.

1. Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360 Ultimate is an amazing camera app and is one of the best known default camera replacement app for Android. Camera360 gives a lot of amazing features to the users and one of them is the option to apply real-time filters and effects. While taking photos using the app, tap on the rainbow color icon on the top-right edge and you will get the option to choose various filters. All the filters you apply here will be applied in the viewfinder in real-time.

Photo Effects And Filters 3

The real-time effect helps us to choose the best filter for the shot. However, if you are not satisfied with the filter, you will get the option to reconsider the effect and apply another effect before saving the photo to the gallery.

Photo Effects And Filters 6

The effects are applicable for selfies also and you can also download additional filters online. Most of these effects are free to download and use and, therefore, you have so much to try.

2. FunCam

This one is for cool and funky filters and effects that you cannot find in the Camera360 Ultimate. Once you install FunCam app, you will get all the filters at the top. Take a snap using FunCam and the filter is saved forever and you cannot change it later. There are around 16 amazing effects you can apply using this app.

Photo Effects And Filters 1

Another interesting thing about the app is that you can also record videos with the filter and changing the filter while taking a video will apply it in real-time. So that means, you can shoot one video with different effects in them all in real-time and there is no post-processing required.

Photo Effects And Filters 5

You can buy the pro version of the app to remove the ads, or share a photo using the app on FB to get it for free.

3. Camera MX

Camera MX is a third party app you must try and it’s also a full-fledged camera just like Camera360. You also get the Live Photo option that takes 3 seconds of video with every photo. Apart from that, the app also allows you to apply and see effects while taking photos. Tap on the FX button and you can select the filters you would like.

Photo Effects And Filters 4

You can also add overlays and frames along with the effects. There are plenty of options you can try in Camera MX. In video mode, you can record with effects but the frames and overlays are only available only in photo mode. There are a lot of settings available in the camera and you must try it as one of the default camera replacement.

Watch it on YouTube

Here’s the video of all the three apps covered in our video.


These were three fully free camera app you can try to get real-time filters on photos while shooting them.  If you would like to learn new things about taking awesome photos with the camera, don’t forget to subscribe to our Photo Friday segment on YouTube.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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