How to Batch Render Videos on the Sony Vegas Pro

Recently Guiding Tech started a YouTube Channel where we share amazing videos related to everyday tech. I had an interest in video making and editing since my graduation days, but it’s not a full-time job for me. While I like editing videos and creating something from the very scratch, what I don’t like is the time taken by the computer to create them.

Render Video In Batch
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If you have an average PC and you are rendering a Full HD 1080P video, it might take approximately 30 mins for rendering a 10 min video. Things get worse if you apply filters and different effects to your clips. The same video might take up to an hour to render.

Rendering Videos is Quite a Task

While the computer renders these videos, it dedicates most of its resource to the video editing tool. The computer literally becomes a potato and is not good for any resource intensive work. Therefore, you must have heard people rendering their videos at night making the most out of their productive time.

One problem while rendering videos at night is that you can only render one video at the most. For the 6 hours of your sleep time, the computer is left idle for 5 hours which could have been used productively. You might think of starting parallel rendering but it won’t turn out to be good. Your PC might even overheat and shut down automatically.

Batch Rendering in Sony Vegas Pro

Batch rendering is what one should use in such scenarios. This mode renders videos one after the other and thus utilizes the entire time and also gives maximum output. While various editing tools have their own batch rendering options, these options are not quite transparent in Sony Vegas Pro. So let me show you how to use the batch option to save time and increase productiveness.

Step 1: All the clips should be in one Sony Vegas file and if you have them in multiple project file, you must copy and paste them into the same timeline. Make sure there is some gap between the two or more regions which will be made into different videos.

Batch Render 4

Step 2: Drag the time slider from the start to end of a video and then press the letter R on the keyboard. This will highlight the particular area and you will be asked to name the region. So every clip you wish to make into a video must have a distinct region.

Batch Render 3

Step 3: Having done that, click on Tools and then navigate to Scripting. Here click on Batch Render and a window will open up.

Batch Render 2

Step 4: In the rendering window, select the location where you want to save the rendered videos and then select the encoding type. Finally, select the option Render Selection and click on OK.

Batch Render 1

Cool Tip: You can render the same video in more than one format by selecting multiple encoding types here.


That’s all, the videos will start rendering and you can do this at night before you finish up for the day. All your videos will be waiting for you the next day. I also use this tip to create multiple lower-third for my videos and it really saves a lot of time. In case you have any doubts, please take them up in our discussion forum.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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