Facebook Moments is Revolutionary for Photo Sharing

At an event or a holiday trip with friends and office colleagues, every one of us takes photos on their smartphone. While most of us plan to share these photos at the end of the day, it never actually happens. In my personal experience, the battery gives up most of the times. Other times, we are still busy clicking photos or replying to likes and comments on Facebook and the time to share photos never comes.


In the attempt to get the photos from all the friends, we often make a WhatsApp group where everyone can post their photos. First of all, after just 24 hours the group becomes a burden with jokes and other useless stuff being forwarded and it might look awkward for you to leave. But the worst part is that all the photos shared using WhatsApp are compressed and the full resolution photo never reaches you.

Facebook Moments is an app that tries to make photo sharing convenient for you and at the end of the day, is less awkward. It’s been a few weeks since I started using the app and it’s really amazing. Let me tell you why.

Facebook Moments Takes Away the Awkwardness

Just as you install and sign up for Facebook Moments it will start uploading all the photos from your camera roll to its server. The photos will be private and only you will be able to see them. So if you are not comfortable with the idea of sharing your photos with Facebook, you might want to rethink on that one.

Facebook Moments 10

The best thing about Facebook Moments is its face-detection algorithm. After the photos are uploaded to Moments and analyzed, it will give you automated suggestions as to who you might want to share the photos with. You can tap on the edit button to exclude some of the photos and then share with them.

Facebook Moments 00
Facebook Moments 04

Things Look More Organized

If the receiving user is on Moments, they will get a notification directly on the app and the photos will be saved to their account privately. Later these photos can be downloaded to the phone’s gallery for offline viewing. If the user is not on Facebook Moments, they will get a messenger notification to download Moments and then receive the photos.

Facebook Moments 08
Facebook Moments 09

So yes, everyone would need to have the Facebook Moments app installed, but it’s still better than joining a WhatsApp Group.

Facebook Moments 03

Another good thing about the app is that you can create moments manually and then invite every friend that was a part of it to share and collaborate photos. Users can also leave comments in a particular moment and everyone will be able to view them. To ease things up, the app will automatically sort the photos you took on that day and time so that you don’t have to fish through the gallery.

Facebook Moments 05
Facebook Moments 06

Facebook Moments even created a video of the photos shared and one could change the theme and music easily. The app also enables you to ask for photographs from others. The user will then get notified and all the photos will be available after face-detection to share.

Facebook Moments 02

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To Conclude

Moments makes photo sharing so much easier and I don’t think of it as a burden anymore. It’s kind of interesting to explore so many features the app provides. The app is worth a shot and when all your friends join the platform, you will be amazed how effective the whole idea is. Don’t forget to share your views regarding moments in our discussion forum.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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