The Android App to Open All Links in Chrome, Rather Than WebView

Whenever we open links within apps like Twitter, Reddit, etc., the links always open in a basic browser. Well, I am not sure if you know about this fact, but that browser is not a part of the actual app. Instead, it’s a built-in browser that comes with Android called WebView.

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The WebView browser is pretty basic and most of the time is not able to load elements like video, GIF and even photos. The browser is good just for reading stuff. Most of the time, you have to tap on the option Open In Browser to view all the contents of the page. The things to note here is that, as the WebView browser is a part of the Android system and not the app, it can be changed.

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Today we will see how to change WebView with Chrome browser on Android as a default browser. This will not only make the page load faster, but you will be able to use all the saved password and form fill data from Chrome without switching manually. The thing to note here is that the trick only works for users who prefer Chrome Browser and not for Firefox, Opera and other such apps.

Chromer for Android

Chromer is an all new app launched for Android that makes the task at hand possible. The app allows you to use Chrome custom tabs on any app without the app developer implementing it manually. The app is free and works on all devices running on Android 4.1 and up. Root is not necessary for the app to work.

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After you install and launch the app, it will ask you to set it as default browser. Make sure you choose Chromer and not the Chrome browser. Chromer is faster than Chrome as it loads the lite version of Chrome browser for displaying web pages quickly.

Additionally, you can choose the Toolbar color and also show the title of the web page. There are two animations you can choose for loading the Chromer and that’s slide right or slide up. The feature can be turned off if you want to keep things minimal and simple. The preview button at the lower end will open up Google and give you a preview of how Chromer will load instead of WebView.

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As the page will be powered by chrome, you will be able to use basic functions like find in page and fill a form. If you have enabled the Chrome data feature on the main browser, the settings will be activated in the Chromer as well. This way, you will be able to save data bandwidth all the time.

Later if you wish o use additional features like History, Bookmarks, and multi-tab browsing, that’s when you can choose the Open in Chrome option from the three-dot menu.

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Chromer is a Must Have for All Users

So that was how you can use Chrome tabbed browser over WebView. Chromer not only provides an effective and fast way to view things online directly from the apps but also prove to be secure. WebView hardly gets any updates, but as Chromer emulates Chrome Browser, it’s regularly updated for security and speed improvements.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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