The Best New Free Android Games of 2015

2015 is almost over and everyone is looking back for a recap on the year. Different services run various apps that let you take a look back at the year and see everything good that came with it. As they say, you can’t cherish the new things unless you look at the old ones and see the improvement.

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Now, from a gamer’s point of view, I am going to talk about top 5 free games on Android that were launched in the year 2015. These games really helped me out whenever I wanted to kill some time and really deserve a shout out. So do have a look and in case you missed out on any of them, make sure you install and play them before 2016 arrives.

1. Need for Speed: No Limits

A pure racing experience on the streets, that’s what NFS is all about. NFS No Limits is an amazing racing game for all the NFS fans who love the idea of racing on the streets, messing with cops and pick on some street rivals. The game starts easy and races short and easy to finish. The real challenge is the upgrades.

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Unlike other games, earning money is easy in the game, what’s tough is the getting your hands on the right part for upgrades. There are a lot of racing modes and events you can play and make your way to the top of the underground world.


Small updates are pushed for the game every now and then with new cars and races. Real money is involved through in-app purchases, but you can do without it, although you might have to play some races more than once.

2. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is exclusively for the ones who love simulation games that require a lot of patience. Remember Sims? Where you had to make a house, or a city and take care of every individual’s need in it. Well, you can relate Fallout Shelter to it. You are given a vault to safeguard the humans from nuclear disaster.

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In the vault, you build a water plant, kitchen and electricity generator along with rooms and other amenities the humans can use. The game is all about collecting resources and currency (bottle caps in this case) and then make everybody comfortable in the shelter.

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The game saves the vault to the cloud and, therefore, you never live in the fear of losing your saved games. The game starts easy at first, but later when things expand, it can grip you for hours.


MORTAL KOMBAT X is one of the best arcade fighting game that was launched in the year 2015. I am sure this game needs no introductions. I have been a fan of this game since my childhood and this sequel is the best thing that happened to the franchise. Of course, Tekken would have been awesome, but this is the next best thing you can get on your Android.

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There’s a PC version of this I have heard about a lot, but I haven’t played it myself. So do try it out if you love some arcade fighting.

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4. Dead Effect 2

“Kill those Zombies.” Well, that’s what Dead Effect 2 is all about. You are in a space station with an outbreak and you have to fight the zombies. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose the kind of player you want to be and the entire story line builds around it.

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There can be a lot of zombies in the game and therefore it includes a lot of blood and violence. The game’s a bit tougher than others when it comes to finding the way. You don’t have any GPS markers and stuff and it’s all about instincts.

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5. Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is a temporal paradox game. In the game, you are in a time paradox and you need to keep the vehicles moving in a given time. Every automobile you put into action becomes the part of your world and the next ones you drive will have to make the way through it.

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Actually, it’s tad difficult to understand the game through a few words and, therefore, I insist you install and play it. Just remember, whatever you do catches up to you eventually and you need to think ahead to excel in the game.

Watch the Games in Action

Why not watch all the games in action in our video?


So these were my top 5 games for the year 2015. Don’t forget to share you recommendations in the comments. I would love to try out a few new games before welcoming the year 2016. Also, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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