3 Little-Known, Time-Saving Tips for Your iOS 9 Device

Despite being already out for some time, iOS 9 still has a few tricks and features up its sleeve that most iOS device users don’t know about.

I Os 9 Time Saving Tips

Here we take a look at three of them that will save you tons of time and effort.

1. Enable Reading Mode With One Touch

If you are like me, then you enjoy reading on your iPhone quite often, even at night. However, you might find that even the lowest brightness might be a bit too much for your eyes.

Personally, I’ve found that using the iPhone’s Invert Colors option works wonders whenever I want to read at night, but I found it really cumbersome to have to navigate all the way to where the option is.

But I have good news for you. You can actually access the Invert Colors option on your iPhone by pressing the Home button.

To set up this feature, first head to your iPhone’s Settings. There, head to General and at the bottom of the Accessibility menu tap on Accessibility Shortcut.

Accessibility Invert Colors

On the next screen, select the Invert Colors option and you are all set.

Invert Colors Shortcut

Now every time you want to access this option, all you have to do is click the home button of your iPhone three times.

2. Request the Desktop Version of a Website in Safari

With past versions of iOS, the Safari browser allowed you to request the desktop version of any website by tapping on the URL address field and the pulling down the bookmarks to reveal a Request Desktop Website option.

Request Desktop Website Before

This option was not intuitive at all to start with, and in iOS 9 Apple has made it even less so. To the point that for quite a while I believed it was gone. But it turns out it is still there, except that even more hidden than before.

The next time you visit any website and want to view its desktop version in Safari for iOS, head to the URL address field and press and hold the Reload icon (the circle-shaped arrow) and the option Request Desktop Website will pop up right there and then.

Request Desktop Website Now
Request Desktop Website After

3. Clean/Reset Your iOS Device’s RAM Without Restarting or Closing Any Apps

Whether you have an iPhone and iPad or an iPod Touch, at some point you might experience some slowdown. Most of us have a very specific way to deal with this: Enter multitasking, close all open apps, then restart your iOS device. While this does the job, it is a tedious process that takes time.

Thankfully, there is a better way around it that doesn’t require you to do either of these things. The next time your iOS device feels a bit slow or unresponsive, press and hold the sleep button until the Turn Off prompt appears. However, do not turn off your iOS device.

I Phone Switch Power Off

Instead, at that moment press and hold the Home button until the

Turn Off

 prompt disappears.

When you head back to your home screen, enter multitasking and, while you will still see a display of all your previously opened apps there, tap any of them and you will notice that they start from scratch, meaning that they have all been effectively closed at once.

I Phone Multitasking
I Phone Safari Restarting

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Like ’em? Use ’em!

There you have them. Make sure to try them out and share any similar tricks you might know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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