Best 4 Android Apps to Enhance Experience for Twitter Addicts

Twitter is a great social media tool which instantly lets you reach out to a wide audience across the globe. With some changes in the hierarchy recently, we thought it would be a good time to see the best Twitter apps on Android that aren’t for tweeting.

Best Android Twitter Apps
Get more out of Twitter on your Android | N Azlin Sha /

Because let’s face it, even though it doesn’t have as many features as Facebook, it still can do more. And as a user, you can do more on Twitter than just write 140 characters at a time. Here are our top picks for Android apps that will add to your Twitter experience.

1. Chhirp

Tired of typing out tweets that don’t get enough attention anyway? Then here’s a cheeky alternative: how about recording an audio clip that really convey how you feel? Hearing a person’s voice always leads to a deeper connect and I’m sure a lot of people will find this feature useful.

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Screenshot 2015 12 19 12 47 53

The best part is that you don’t need to have the default Twitter for Android app installed, but merely need to authorize this app via your login credentials. It works like a charm and you can check some samples by searching the hashtag chhirp on Twitter yourselves.

Your users need not need to have the app installed to listen to your recordings, as they can do it over any browser. (Albeit I had some issues with Chrome on my Android)

Click Chhirp to download on your Android.

2. Wondr – Chat for Twitter

Ever wanted to start random chats with strangers on Twitter? Well, that’s the idea behind Wondr which lets you do just that. The good part is that your actual Twitter handle won’t be revealed while you’re chatting with people, plus you can invite people to a SESSION that you’ve created yourself.

Screenshot 2015 12 19 16 37 20
Screenshot 2015 12 19 16 36 04

In this session, you can chat with your followers, who will be notified that you’ve created a session with a certain topic. Once they join in, you can chat with them and get feedback (if you’re an influencer) or ask for suggestions on a variety of topics. All these sessions are saved in an archive, so you can go back to them and have a look at what was discussed on the said topic.

Click Wondr to download on your Android.

3. Xcerpt for Twitter

Love reading and sharing articles on Twitter? Then Xcerpt for Twitter could just be the best app you’ve never discovered. The app can pull your screenshots, extract the text from the image and let you highlight a section that you want to bring to the fore. All the time retaining the source link in its memory.

Screenshot 2015 12 19 17 01 19
Screenshot 2015 12 19 17 01 24

It does work great on most occasions, but at times I’ve found the OCR isn’t on-point. It’s not terrible, but some manual work may be needed to fix the text that it has extracted before you decide to tweet it out to your followers.

Screenshot 2015 12 19 17 04 20
Oops! Garbled text alert!

Click Xcerpt for Twitter to download on your Android.

4. Xpire

Not all tweets need to remain on the interwebs for a long time. If you want most of your tweets to disappear after a while, then Xpire is the app you need to use. The duration ranges from 1 minute to a couple of days and the app also lets you add images to the tweet you wish to self-destruct.

Screenshot 2015 07 31 11 50 35 Result
Screenshot 2015 07 31 11 52 11 Result

There are some other goodies in the app too, like a crawler which will scan your latest tweets and provide you with a Social Score on your content.

Click Xpire to download on your Android.

Self-Destruction: Not just tweets, you can schedule messages and emails to self-destruct too.

Twitter or Facebook?

Lately, we’ve been quite turned off with Facebook and the bloat it infects our Android and iPhones with. But, how about you? Do you prefer Twitter over FB, or is it vice-versa? Let us know in our forums.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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