How to Record Android Screen Better than Google Play Games

Google Play Games recently updated their app and according to them, users can now record their gameplay and share it on YouTube and other social networks. But the thing is, this feature is just rolling out to users in the UK and US and that too in batches.

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I am not sure why Google or any other services decide that it should not be rolled out to other countries. Come on! The recording is taking place on my device and using the record button on an APK doesn’t give any load on their servers. But this kind of selective feature roll-out to US and UK first has become a trend nowadays and I hate it more than anything else.

Anyways, I can’t fix that location-based discrimination. But I can definitely tell you about an alternative to Google Play Games to record videos and that too way better than the former. So let me show you how.

Recording Screencast using Mobizen

Mobizen is a free app using which you can not only record the games you play on your Android, but also apps. Basically, you can record anything and everything on your Android and that too without root access. The app also allows you to record your screen directly on the computer using a browser. But for all that, you will have to install the app and create an account at first launch.

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Having done that, you will directly get the option to start video recording. But before you start your first recording, tap on the three dot menu and click on Recording preferences. Here select the quality of video you would like to record. If you scroll down, you can choose to exclude the watermark of the app and include touches and even a front facing camera.

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None of the features are locked and once you have configured, you can just tap on start recording. You can use the notifications tray to control the video recording. You can pause it in between if required and end it using the buttons in the notification tray.

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Edit Videos

Once you have captured the video, you can edit and trim the video to cut portions of the beginning and end. Once everything is in place, you get the option to share it using any social app installed on your device. You can also mute or add a background sound to your videos.

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Added Bonus: Control Using Browser

Using Mobizen, you can also connect your browser and get the option to record videos and take a screenshot. You get additional options like managing media, find the phone, files, and contacts. Nice addition and the best thing is, you don’t have to install any app on your computer for all that.


You can also enable USB debugging on your computer and connect the phone using USB to speed up things.

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So that was how you can record a screencast on your Android smartphone. The app works flawlessly and there’s nothing more I can ask for. Actually, I am surprised how the app is free with all its features unlocked. So try it out and let me know what you think about it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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