A Fully Free VPN Service for Android, No Strings Attached

The last few months have shown us how important is revenue for a product or a service to sustain. Everything Me Launcher shutting down and ES File Explorer turning into a bloatware were enough to learn that if you need good service, you got to pay for them.

Same was the thing with VPN service names Hola. While Hola provides a free and easy way to connect to VPN, users found that it was stealing your bandwidth at the same time.

Betternet Free Vpn

But as a human, I must admit that happiness lies in free stuff and with some non-obstructive ads and limited features, these services can sustain. Now, to prove me right, I would like to introduce you to Betternet, a free VPN service you can use on your Android.

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Betternet for Android

Betternet can be installed from the Play Store and when you launch it for the first time, it will give you some introduction as to why VPN and privacy are important. As soon as you are done with the introductions, you will be taken to the homepage from where you can connect to the service.

Betternet 01
Betternet 02

When you try to establish a connection, the app will ask you to grant it permission to create a VPN network for all the connections on your device. Once you agree to it, the app will try to establish the connection and you will get a success message once you are connected. You might get some ads when the connection is established and it’s necessary to keep the service free.

Betternet 05

The thing to note here is that you cannot select servers or country you would like to connect to and you will be randomly connected to the server which has a lesser load on it.

If you wish to find the country you which you are browsing as, you can just open up the whatismycountry.com web page once you are on VPN. The web page will show you your location along with coordinates.

Betternet 04

Note: As the service is free, you might see some slowness in the internet speeds.

How is Betternet Free

Betternet is completely free service and the owners tend to keep it that way for a long long time. On Betternet, none of your data is being retained and there is no breach in the privacy. Users get few ads on the app while using the app. The app doesn’t even require an email address from you. You can check out the costs and income in detail on this page.

Betternet 06

So as I mentioned, it has some ads and limited services. However, there’s an option to pay a monthly or yearly fee and become a premium member with improved services and features.

Betternet 03

Betternet has dedicated apps and extensions for Windows, iOS and Firefox and Chrome as well. Mac version is due for release soon and that would cover most of the devices using which we connect to the internet.


So that was one free VPN service you can use without the fear of data or identity theft. I just hope the service remains free and usable without any strings attached because let’s face it, there are no good things available for free these days, except of course our articles.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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