10 Brilliant High-Definition Wallpapers of X-Men: Apocalypse

Chaitanya Tapase

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to follow the footsteps of its comics originator, with X-Men now coming out with the movie version of X-Men: Apocalypse. If you’re not a comic book fan enthusiast, then let me not spoil the movie for you.

In any case, we’re sure hoping that the movie will be another firecracker with loads of great action with some unexpected twists and turns. The hot Olivia Munn makes an entry in the X-Men franchise, but no news on Wolverine being part of this movie, so far.

Click on any of the images below that you like and set them as your wallpaper. We’ve got a good dose of portrait as well as landscape oriented wallpapers, for various types of devices.











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