How to Use SoundCloud Groups to Promote Your Music

SoundCloud is an amazing platform for sharing music and audio files. However, many people make the mistake of not taking advantage of the tools SoundCloud provides to promote your music and build an audience. Just like publishing your own website without telling anyone, posting a song to SoundCloud won’t automatically get you thousands of hits.

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One such way SoundCloud users can promote their music is through SoundCloud Groups. It’s one of the lesser known features of SoundCloud, but Groups allow anyone to submit their music to an audience with similar interests and taste.

It boosts your own visibility and lets you discover new uploads from the community at the same time. You can even create your own groups.

Join and Submit to a SoundCloud Group

Important: First, familiarize yourself with the SoundCloud groups that already exist, and which ones you’d fit comfortably inside of. For instance, if you’re posting an Adele cover, you might search SoundCloud for a group called “Adele covers” and take note of the number of members. The more current members, the more people your music can reach once you submit it.

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When you find a group you want to join on SoundCloud’s website, click the name of the group to visit the page.

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At the top, click where it says Select a track from your profile and choose a file you already uploaded that you want to add to the group.

Note: Some groups require that a moderator approve new posts. If this is the case, your file will be sent for approval first before it appears publicly to group members. Otherwise, it should post instantly.

Once you posted your sound file to the group, you might want to consider commenting and liking some other posts, so hopefully those people will return the favor.

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You can also add songs to a group by visiting your own profile on SoundCloud, scrolling to the file and clicking Add to Group underneath. But this only works for groups you’re a member of already.

Create Your Own SoundCloud Group

The downside of creating your own SoundCloud group is having to start from scratch. You’ll have no audience already built up, so it won’t do much to promote your music right away. However, if you manage to gain members over time, your music could slowly get exposure.

Visit your profile on SoundCloud. Just like above, scroll to the song you want to add to a new group and click Add to group underneath the file.

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In the dialog window, click Create new group.

On the new page, you’re required to type in a group name. Optionally, you can add a short description to tell others the point of the group, a longer description with more details or group rules and a group image.

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If you want to automatically approve new posts from others, keep the corresponding checkbox ticked. Finally, click the big Save Group button to create your SoundCloud group.

Your song will automatically add to the group when it’s live on SoundCloud.

Tip: You can add files to more than one group, so for good measure, feel free to add your music to perhaps your own group as well as other already populated ones.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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