Fracture vs Woodpost: Your Photos on Glass or Wood

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve probably heard that saying at some point in your life. But for some reason when we use our smartphones, we tend to take more and more photos out of convenience and forget to ever go back and really cherish them or get creative with them.

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Two companies are really trying to change that with their products. The more prominent of the two, Fracture lets you order prints of your photo directly onto glass. That’s right, the photo is literally printed onto a sheet of glass. You can keep it on a table or hang it up to show it off as an elegant portrait.

Woodpost, on the other hand, is an iPhone app that fulfills orders to print photos directly onto — you guessed it — wood. The app boasts about its versatility for creating hanging portraits, decorations or postcards. Plus, wood offers a slightly more rustic look.

In this article, we’ll compare pricing and features to help you decide which service can make better use of your photos.

Fracture and Woodpost Features

Fracture has become quite a popular startup for taking such a unique approach to the way we print photos. Traditionally, you might frame photos inside glass, but Fracture actually prints photos directly onto the glass. That’s 2 mm glass with a 3/16 inch backing so it’s lightweight and strong. It features a mounting screw too.

The company hand-makes every “fracture” and packs it with care so it doesn’t shatter during the shipping process.

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Woodpost is very similar to Fracture except it prints photos directly onto wood. However, Woodpost offers a combination of products. You can either customize your order with your own photos for posters or postcards, or you can use Woodpost’s pre-made designs when buying coasters or trays.

For comparison purposes, let’s just talk about the customizable products: posters and postcards.

Woodpost’s photos come in three formats: square, landscape or portrait. Fracture comes in two: square or rectangles, though rectangles essentially represent both landscape and portrait photography. Both offer different sizes for each.

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Note: In terms of quality and color accuracy, Fracture has a slight advantage since glass is completely clear, so colors will look vibrant and true to life. Printing colors on wood runs the chance of being distorted by the color of the wood in the background though that’s not necessarily the case all the time.

It’s also worth noting that Fracture and Woodpost take two completely different approaches to the buying experience. Fracture operates sales completely from its website while Woodpost only accepts orders through its free iOS app.

Fracture and Woodpost Pricing

Fracture’s prices start at a reasonable $15 for the smallest print, which is a square 5-inch by 5-inch sheet of glass. That’s probably less than ideal on a wall, but great on a tabletop to show off your best Instagram photos. For square photos, Fracture also offers medium and large sizes for $55 and $115 respectably. Rectangle photos come in small, medium, “classic,” large and extra large ranging from $18 to a very pricey $125 for 21.6-inch by 28.8-inch print.

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Woodpost is generally more affordable than Fracture. Posters come in small, medium or large sizes for $39, $59 or $79 respectably. (Add on $6 for portrait or landscape prints instead of square.) However, these sizes are smaller than Fracture’s. The largest poster is 15.4 inches by 11.4 inches, so Fracture’s extra large size is almost double that.

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Additionally, Woodpost’s postcards are $8 each for roughly 6×4 rectangles or 4.7×4.7 squares. They come in different collections with designs that complement the purpose as well.

The Winner: Fracture

This doesn’t come as an easy choice, especially given the fact that Woodpost is less expensive and more versatile. Yet at the end of the day, if you want quality and elegance in a photo print, that’s exactly what Fracture is in the business of selling. Plus, the company has more experience with it since Woodpost is pretty new.

Yes, Fracture should probably get with the times and release an iPhone app sometime soon, but it’s easy enough to visit the website, upload and crop/edit a photo, then submit your order in minutes.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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