4 Great Tips to Make Your Windows 10 PC Run Faster

If you’re running a Windows 10 PC for a while, chances are, it has slowed down a bit. This tends to happen with almost every Windows PC and besides the usual steps of cleaning up disks and dumping temporary internet files, there are some additional things you can do to ensure a speedy performance.

Make Windows 10 Faster
Windows need not be slow, especially if we can help | Shutterstock

These tips may vary in their output depending on the type of device you are running and since Windows 10 is now available on a variety of different ones, let’s not get confused with what works for what. I’ve taken broad strokes and will only speak of options that work on almost any system. Laptop, Desktop, Convertible, you name it.

1. Animations

The one major change in Windows 10 is all the animation introduced by Microsoft. Although it doesn’t affect newer systems that much, some of the older systems might not be able to keep up. So, go to the search bar in the taskbar and type Advanced and then click the View advanced system settings option. Under Performance click on the Settings tab, which is where we need to make some changes.

Screenshot 2015 11 25 17 23 02

Under Visual Effects first check the radio option for Adjust for best performance. This will uncheck all the options below, but we need to re-enable some of them. These are Enable Peek, Smooth edges of screen font, Smooth-scroll list boxes and Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop.

The last 2 aren’t mandatory, but if it helps your system, uncheck these too.

2. Remove Unwanted Software

This goes without saying, but removing unwanted software is the best way to keep your PC running smoothly. Problem is, sometimes one software installs another software unbeknownst to us. The best workaround to this problem, I’ve found, is using Unchecky.

Unchecky Main Window

Searching for the keyword Remove program will directly take you directly to the spot where you can remove programs you don’t recognize or haven’t used for awhile and will probably not.

The best way to sort information here is to sort by Installed On, going from newest to oldest and remove programs you don’t recognize. Unless the Publisher is Microsoft or Oracle, you probably don’t need a lot of the software that you will find here.

Add Or Remove Programs1

Helpful 3rd Party Software: I recommend taking a look at Piriform and PC Decrapifier to cleaning out more junk than what is available on Windows. But, stay away from the ones that claim to clean up registry.

3. Maintaining Healthy Disks

Your hard disks are the primary source of all your information as well as the place where everything is installed. Keeping your primary hard drive is imperative, therefore old tips like Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmentation work great for Windows 10 too.

4. God Mode!

Copy-paste the below string as the name of a new folder on your desktop and get access to the most useful tools in one place.


God Mode

This one folder can now act as your go-to place to do pretty much everything we’ve covered above. All in the convenience of one folder. Cool, eh?


Let us know if you want to know more tips that can speed up your Windows 10 PC. Especially if its an older PC, drop us a comment in our forum with a basic configuration of your system, so we can dig better solutions for you.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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