How to View Notification History on Android

App notifications are one of the most important modules of a smartphone. If you have never given thought about their importance, imagine how difficult it can be to open each app just to see if there’s any new update. You might even miss out on the important texts and emails that can be crucial for you and for your business.

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However, it’s not just the text messages and emails that make notifications so important. They also notify you about flash sales and discounts if you have an appropriate shopping app installed. Remind you to drink water and even take a 7 min workout break if you have health apps installed. They even tell you when your ordered food or the cab is going to arrive. You see, they are one of the major elements driving your world.

These notifications continue to line up in your notification drawer for you to have a look once you are free. But at times, you just want to clear the clutter and in doing this, you might end up deleting some of the important notifications. It might have been a discount coupon for the weekend sale you were looking forward to. Also, these notifications don’t appear most of the times even after you launch the app and in such situations, you regret not to have a way to look into the history of these notifications.

Using Android’s Built-in Settings

So what if I tell you that there is a way and it’s built right into your Android? Just hidden from the rest of the Android world. So for the first trick, I will show you how you can use the Android built-in settings to see the history on Android notifications.

Tap and hold the Android home screen till you see the option to add a widget. The process of adding a widget might change depending upon the phone you are using and the launcher that’s installed on it. Search for the widget that is named Settings and add it to the home screen.

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After you add the widget to the home screen, it will ask you to pick a setting that you wish to open using the widget icon. Here look for the option of Notification Log and select it.

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That’s it. Whenever you wish to have a look into the notifications you received you can simply tap on the widget. It will also show you the exact time and date the notification was received and tapping on the listing will open the app’s info page.

While the Settings widget pulls off the task, it’s rather very basic and there are not many options. Most of the notifications you see is for the keyboard selection and there’s no way to side the useless notifications from the important ones.

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Using a Third Party App

That’s where the Past Notification app comes into the picture. Once you install the app and give it control your device’s notifications, it will start recording the notifications right away.

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Past Notifications 2

The best thing is that the app groups the notifications from each app that makes it very easy to look for something very specific. Also, you can ask the app to ignore some of the apps and notifications like changing the keyboard or low battery warnings.

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Past Notifications 1

The app has ads, but that doesn’t interfere with the app’s functionality. Nothing much in settings also apart from the option to limit recording.


So, that was how you can keep track of all the notifications you receive on your Android device. You can try and install the Past Notification app for a few days and see for yourself. I am sure, you will like the whole idea to read notifications at your spare time.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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