How to Enable Live Photos on Older Jailbroken iPhones

The Live Photos recently launched with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, has been gaining popularity within the iPhone community ever since it hit the market. Now, if I am not wrong, the feature of Live Photos was actually stolen from HTC. HTC came out with a feature on their camera called Zoe which delivered live photos with sound. Unfortunately, it didn’t gain popularity as there was no sharing option for Zoe live photos.

I Phone Live Camera
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However and iPhone 6s user, can take Live Photos and share it using services like iMessage to share things instantly. There are apps using which they can be converted to GIFs and shared to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now, as I mentioned, the feature was launched with the latest iPhone 6s variants and was limited to them only. Older iPhones can view the live photos sent to them, but there is no way one can shoot one.


The next thought that might come to you is, it might be because of an exclusive new hardware added on the new iPhones. But that’s not the case. The feature of Live Photos is purely based on software and requires no additional hardware. The feature was limited to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus only to build the crazy so that the fans can line up outside the stores.

Enabling Live Photos on Older iPhones

So if you have an iPhone with jailbreak on it, thanks to the jailbreak community, you can enjoy the feature of Live Photos. Jailbreaking is pretty simple these days and it just takes 5 mins. So if you are running iOS version 9.0.x, you can use our guide to jailbreak your device right away. And from what I have heard, iOS 9.1 jailbreak is due soon.

Open up your Cydia and look for a module called EnableLivePhotos.  The module is free and works on iOS 8 and above. After you install the module, it will restart the springboard, but I recommend to reboot the device. Prior to reboot, the camera app kept crashing abruptly.

Enable Live Photos 2

After reboot, no further action is required to configure the module. Just launch the camera app and tap the Live Photo icon to enable the module. That’s all, the camera will now record live photos on both the camera.

Enable Live Photos 1

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To view the Live Photos, open the gallery and long tap on the image to play the 3 seconds captured as Live Photo. You can send them to your friends using iMessages. Furthermore, you can also convert these Live Photos to GIFs and then share it on social media. Something to have fun with.


So that was how you can get the iOS Live Photo feature on your jailbroken iPhone. Although it’s really unacceptable to go to these measures to get something that your iPhone hardware is capable of. I understand the absence of 3D touch, but the lack of Live Photos just to promote the newer devices is not at all acceptable. What do you think?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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