How to Control Your Google Now Cards History on Any Android

Google Now cards have proved useful to me on a personal level on more than one occasion, but there is no denying that they can also feel weird at times. Like getting a notification telling you it’s time to leave for the airport for your flight or catch a movie. It may seem like Google is sneaking about your emails, but hey, they already know more about you anyway.

Cards History Google Now 1

Earlier in 2015, Google tied-up with more partners to bring you relevant and helpful information right on your Google Now screen, based on your search habits. These can be in-app cards too, but how does one keep track of all this?

It’s All in the Settings

Long press the Home key of your Android to access the Google Now cards screen. From a swipe across from left to right, you will be able to see the Settings option. These are the main Google Search settings, so dive right into them.

Cards Settings
Now Cards

Once here, you can see a dedicated section for Now Cards, clicking on which will open some more options. Here, you will see the option to click on Manage Card History which opens up your entire Now Card history in a browser.

Deleting History

In this browser window you can see all of your Google Now Cards history, albeit not in full detail. If you want to delete the history of a particular date, hit the checkbox next to Today or any other day.

Now Cards2
Now Cards3

If you wish to delete en masse, then tap the three-dotted menu on the top-right corner and select Delete Options. Here you can select today’s cards, yesterday’s or the past 4 weeks, or even from the beginning.

Screenshot 2015 11 20 17 05 14

Careful Here: Deleting Google Now Cards can affect future suggestions from Google Now, so be careful while deleting your history.

Date-Wise Management

If there is a particular days history that you wish to get rid of, tap the calendar icon right next to the three-dotted menu. Once the full calendar opens up, you can select the date you wish to see the Now Cards history of.

Screenshot 2015 11 20 16 46 27

Please Note: You can only view the Google Now Cards history here, not delete it.

Search Works, But..

And right next to the calendar icon is the search bar. Yes, it works, but only in a way in which the Google Now Cards are displayed here in this browser window. So, if you search for ‘flight’ none of your cards will show up, but instead if you search ‘travel’ you get all the needed Cards history from flights and other modes of transport too.

Screenshot 2015 11 20 16 47 01

Other terms like Weather work fine, but why would you want to delete that information anyway? In fact, looking up what the weather was on a particular day wherever you were in the world is a nice advantage of Google Now Cards.

Convenient or a Curse?

I know it might feel creepy at times, but Google Now Cards are extremely useful. The above steps do give you more control of your Now Cards history, but there is very little else you can do. If you value your privacy more than anything, don’t sign-up for this service at all.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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