Top 4 Third Party Apps for S Pen on the Galaxy Note5

We’ve quite enjoyed our time with the Galaxy Note5 here on Guiding Tech and it’s not a stretch to call it one of the best phones of the year. Sure, the memory issues could’ve done more tweaking, but that apart it is a great device. As long as you are inserting the S Pen the right way, that is.

S Pen Note5

The S Pen is a great tool, I’ve found it handy in more occasions than I’d actually imagined. But what are the best apps that can benefit from a stylus-powered phone? Look no further.

1. OneNote

Even though OneNote is great for taking quick notes and works well with any keyboard, it also works really well with a stylus too. On the Note5, the S Pen seems to be ever so slightly more accurate and more fun to work with on OneNote. You can scribble text, create weird doodles and have more control over color and thickness of your strokes.

One Note2
One Note1

You can also import images and give added touches to your friends images or your own. It’s pretty easy to control, but the color palette is limited to what the app has to offer.

2. Inkredible

Inkredible is the perfect for taking amazingly beautiful handwritten notes. It’s calligraphy style will definitely leave you impressed, but keep in mind that the free version only lets you keep only 3 notebooks at a time. If you wish to upgrade to the full version (ad-free and more pens) then you have to dish out anywhere from $2 to $20 depending on how many more things you want to use.


I’d probably recommend trying the free version first, then buy the pens that will add more value to your work and then invest in the different kinds of paper they have. You can save your creations as PDFs too.

3. Colorfy

Labelled as a coloring book for adults, this app is really cool. If you remember coloring books from your childhood then this is only a digital version of that. If you’ve never used such books in your childhood, then it’s time you get the app.


Colorfy also impresses in the fact that you can have a look at how other people have used various colors to make their own creations. One single sketch can be colored in so many different ways, and the more intricate the art is, the more ways it can be colored.

I recently read an article of a physical book which is sold as a coloring book for adults, but I’m glad an app like this also exists.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook

This really is for the pros. For people who take sketching and doodling seriously and/or professionally. Since I’m neither, I can only request you guys not to laugh at my creations. But even in this free offering, Autodesk has packed Sketchbook to the gills with incredible features.


There are 8 different kinds of pens, 2 different types of erasers, 3 different kinds of symmetries, an entire color palette to choose from and even options to insert objects, texts and layers. Yes, layers. It works incredibly seamlessly, but I’m sure most of these advanced features will only make sense to artists and not casual doodlers like me.


So, if you know an artist of a high caliber, ask them to check out this app.

Paint Some Happy Little Trees

Those were some of the best apps for the Note5 that make use of the S Pen. Honorable mentions should also go to the Google Keyboard’s handwriting feature, Artflow, Scribble Racer and HandWrite Pro Note & Draw. If you’ve tried these, we’d like to know which one is your favorite in our forum.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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