How to Personalize Recipes to Dietary Needs with Yummly

In this day and age, science is much wiser about how our bodies digest and cope with certain foods. This has resulted in much more diverse and individualistic diet plans. Unfortunately, the Internet and technology through all of its greatness haven’t done much catching up to our changing eating habits.

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If you’re browsing for recipes, it’s often hard to quickly filter out ingredients like dairy, gluten or meat, which then makes the whole experience frustrating. Plenty of websites also exist to cater to specific diets, but they don’t always suit everyone and the recipes aren’t always bountiful.

One service, however, is dominating the space of customizable recipes. Yummly is a website and app that lets you choose ahead of time which recipes you want to see and which you don’t base on your dietary needs and preferences. Between diet preferences and food allergies, Yummly has dozens of possible combinations that can cater to the exact way you eat.

Customize Recipes on Yummly

To customize recipes to your dietary preferences on Yummly, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. You can do that through the apps for iOS or Android.

Once you get the app and you’re logged in, hold off on your temptation to browse the enticing food. Tap the Menu icon at the top and choose Settings. From here, tap Dietary Preferences.

Yummly separates the preferences into three different categories: diets, allergies and cuisines. Let’s break down your filtering options. Whether for moral reasons or just trying to get in shape, first take a look at the diets.

On the diets side, you can choose from lacto-vegetarian, vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, paleo, pescetarian or vegan.

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Tip: Lacto vegetarians eat as regular vegetarians do but also include dairy products into their diets, like milk and cheese. Ovo vegetarians are regular vegetarians that include eggs in their diets. Pescetarians are vegetarians that also eat fish and seafood. Finally, a paleo diet is based on the diets of our ancestors from the Paleolithic era, which includes meats, fruits, vegetables and natural fats like nuts, seeds and oils.

If you don’t select any diet preferences, Yummly will show you everything. Otherwise, you can select one or multiple diets to follow.

If you aren’t following a specific diet but do have food allergies to cater to, take a gander at the column on the right. Under allergies, Yummly offers to only show recipes that are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, seafood-free, sesame-free, soy-free, sulfite-free, tree nut-free or wheat-free. Once again, you can tap one or multiple food allergies depending on your own situation.

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Tip: Above diets and allergies, you can elect to just rule out individual ingredients if you just don’t like certain foods. Do this by tapping Add Disliked Ingredient.

Lastly, Yummly lets you pick your cuisines. This won’t specifically exclude recipes, but will instead give Yummly a better idea of what to recommend. Everything from American to Cuban to Hungarian to Italian to Thai is present here, so select all of your favorites.

Once you’re finished setting up your dietary preferences, head back to Yummly’s Home view and check out your updated list of recipes. Happy cooking!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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