3 Brilliant Tips to Transform Your Budget Samsung Phone

It’s hard to make budget smartphones and please the masses. Not every company wants to work on a ‘break-even’ strategy and that is understandable. But, Samsung really seems to be going 1 step forward and 2 steps back with some of their choices in releasing phones. The latest entrants, the On5 and On7, are a great example of this.


Neither of these phones has ambient light sensors, nor haptic feedback nor secondary noise-canceling microphones. The lack of hardware cannot be compensated by using apps or anything such, but there are ways to work with restrictions and make the most out of it.

So, let’s how you can maximize the output of the On5 and On7 to make them better in many ways.

1. Onboard Storage Problem? Use the Cloud

With only 8 GB of onboard storage for both devices, space constraint is a major issue. Yes, there is a microSD card slot, but that might not solve all your issues. Thankfully, you can move apps to the external card, so no matter how heavy a game or an app may be, you can easily move it to the card by going to Settings, Applications, Application manager and then tapping the app you want to move to the card.

Move To Sd1
Move To Sd2

The other issue will be with images. Naturally, with Google Photos being the best bet, I’d suggest you delete the ones which are backed up and keep only the ones you’re most likely to show to your friends or share on social media. Most cleaning and organizing apps tend to eat up more storage and can be messy to organize. Manual clean-ups are always better.

2. 3rd Party Camera Apps to Up Your Photography Game

Both the On5 and the On7 have very basic camera apps. So basic that even the HDR mode is missing on both. My best solution here is to use the Cameringo+ Filters Camera app. It only consumes 6 MB of space on your phone and also can be moved easily to the external card. Moreover, it has plenty of HDR modes to choose from.


The image quality though may not be as good. But, hey, it’s only a budget device. Let’s not expect the stars and the moons here. There are some free alternatives like VSCO, Snapseed, and others which you can read about those in detail and take your pick.

3. Lighter Versions of Apps

There are several apps that we can’t perhaps do without, but that doesn’t mean we need to keep using the default apps. These phones still run Android after all and even though Lollipop hasn’t been my most favorite version, it can still run apps on hardware that is targeted for budget devices like the On5 and On7. But, instead of the bloated Facebook app (and Twitter), I’d suggest using the Metal app. You save storage space as well as memory, by doing so.

Pro Tip: Facebook Lite is also another alternative but with Metal you get to use Facebook and Twitter all in the same app.

Metal For Facebook 2

The phones also come built-in with the Opera Max app that helps save on data. We have already covered this feature in detail when writing about how to save bandwidth on Android phones.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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