How to Become Productive on an iPhone with a Single App

One of the things that we have all become used to when using our smartphones is switching between applications. This way to interact is so basic and important that we take it for granted that in order to do something on one application, you have to exit whatever you are doing and head to that application in particular.

Input For I Os Review

But what if you didn’t have to?

That’s what Input, a free app from developer Matt Healy LLC sets out to do. Let’s take a look at how much (if at all) they succeed at it.

A Different Perspective

The basic premise behind Input is using command lines to interact with different services.

Input Basic Premise

At its heart, the app integrates with other apps and various web services, which allow it (after you give your consent and sign up of course) to perform actions on your behalf. These actions cover a quite wide range, so you can do something as simple as create a task from Input to send an email or even create an entry in Evernote.

The services supported so far are quite extensive, and include Dropbox, Todoist, Twitter, Wunderlist, Slack, Evernote, Omnifocus, Trello, Gmail and more.

Input Gmail Connect
Input Gmail Disconnect
Input Services

One Interface to Rule Them All

Setting up Input with any service requires you to sign into the service in question and to allow the app to access it on your behalf.

Input Email Commands

Once signed in, you can start using any of the services you have enabled by just selecting what you want to do and then adding more details to your commands. For example, you can type ’email’ and Input will understand what you want to do and then offer you fields for a recipient, a subject and body fields for you to compose your message.

Or you can also simply type ‘calendar’ and then ‘conference [at 11 pm]’ and Input will create an event with that information.

Input Test Email Command
Input Email Sent

The app is free to download for all iOS users, and the first couple of services are free for all. However, Input asks for $1.99 for each additional three services, which might come as quite expensive depending on how much you rely on the app.

Input Additional Services Purchase

Still, for the time and effort it saves you, the price might not be that high if you really start using the app on a day to day basis.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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