Top 5 Customization Features on the OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS

I have always been a fan of customization options provided on Android and from what I believe, it’s freedom. iOS users might have started the journey on the track of customization, but droid users are way ahead of them. Android in itself provides a lot of customization options, but then, various manufacturers try to give in some extra goodies for their users.

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The OnePlus 2 running on the Oxygen OS 2.1 has some of these cool customization features you can try out. Let’s check out the best 5 of them.

Still on OnePlus One? Then here’s what you need to do to get Oxygen OS on it, no matter which Android it’s currently running.

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1. Customizing Capacitive Navigation Keys

My personal favorite is the configurable touch keys. Apart from the home button with fingerprint sensor, the phone comes with two additional buttons for back and recent apps. The best thing about these buttons is that it can be configured as per user’s choice. So let’s say you are a left handed person or you wish to use the different button for back operation, things can be configured easily.

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The option can be configured in the Buttons option in the Android settings menu. The swap buttons will swap the actions on the capacitive buttons. If you want, you can also disable these buttons and enable the on-screen navigation button if you are more comfortable with them.

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Furthermore, you can also assign long press actions to these buttons. So let’s say, you have to take screenshots of the screen more often, you can assign the action on the home button.

2. Dark Theme with Accents Colors

The next is the option to enable the dark mode and the settings can find it under the customization option in the settings. Once you enable this option, you get the system wide dark theme. Once you enable the dark theme, you also get the option to choose the accent color. There are around 8 different accent colors you can choose from, but only in the dark mode.

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From what I believe, it will save your battery and it looks cool too.

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3. LED Notifications

Up in third, we have the option to customize LED notification color wherein you can change the global notification LED color along with battery notifications. There are around 6 different colors to choose from, but only 4 instances to pick from. There are not many options to change color for specific notifications.

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For example, there’s no way to know is an LED notification is for a called you have missed or a text message. But there’s an app for that. You can try Light Manager for Android to get better control over these LED notifications.

4. Icon Packs

The fourth one in the list is the option to apply various icon packs to the OnePlus 2’s default launcher. All you need are icon packs installed on your OnePlus 2 and then apply them using the launcher’s settings.

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Op2 Customization 15

To apply the new theme, long press the frequent app button and select settings. If the theme is compatible, it will show up here and you can apply it. You can change the grid layout of apps on the app drawer and increase it to 6×5 or decrease to 4×3.

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Op2 Customization 16

5. The Shelf

And finally, The Shelf. You get to this screen when you swipe to the left of your home screen. If you haven’t enabled the feature, long tap the recent app icon on the home screen and navigate to settings. Here you can enable the shelf mode.

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Shelf is like a quick access panel wherein you will get your frequent apps and contacts. You can change the header image to your liking and even add widgets to it. There’s so much that you can do with The Shelf.

You Too Can Contribute

Those were some of the customization options you get on the OnePlus 2 running on the Oxygen OS 2.1. If you would like to contribute some additional tips with fellow OnePlus 2 users, you can also do so in our discussion board.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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