5 Tips to Enhance Battery Life of Galaxy Note5/S6 edge+

Samsung launches two different series of flagships every year, hoping to target the lifestyle-oriented as well as the workaholic multitaskers. Thus was born the S and Note series and this year we had the curvy edged phones too. So there’s the S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and the Note5.

Battery Tips Note5 And S6 Edge Plus

Battery life isn’t the strong point on these phones, though. So let’s see how we can enhance it.

1. Screen Time in Dark Themes/Apps

The most striking feature of Samsung phones is their displays. And all the flagships released by Samsung this year are really high in their pixel density (2560×1440) and have Super AMOLED tech running the show. The advantage with AMOLED panels is that if it’s a dark screen, those particular pixels don’t light up at all.

There are many ways we can use that to our advantage. I’ve found using dark theme as well as dark mode in every app possible has boosted battery life ever so much. It’s also a good idea to head over to Settings -> Display and then change the Screen mode to Basic rather than Adaptive or any of the AMOLED displays.

26 October 2015 195746 Gmt 0530

It may tone down the vivid colors that you are used to on an AMOLED, but it does help with battery life.

2. Really Need Android Device Manager?

This is a tricky one. Because we’ll never advise you to turn off something that can help you track your device down, but if you really don’t use the Android Device Manager, then it’s best to disable it. Head to Settings again and under Lock screen and security -> Other security settings -> Device administrators.

26 October 2015 195626 Gmt 0530
Screenshot 2015 10 26 19 02 30

Once you will DEACTIVATE it, even the idle battery drain will improve.

3. Disable Location History

Along with the step mentioned above, there is one more thing that can be disabled to extend battery life. And that is Location History. If you long press on the Location tab from the notification toggle screen, you can see a section for Google Location History. This should be off, especially if you don’t much care about where you’ve been to.

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Screenshot 2015 10 26 18 44 56

I’ve noticed that turning this off also had a positive impact when the phone was idle. It now drains only 6-8% overnight rather than 15% or more.

4. Disable Unnecessary Sensors

There are “more than you will ever need” number of sensors on these phones by Samsung. You can start turning them off one by one. If you don’t use them, that is. Especially when you know the phone is going to be idle for a long time, switch off toggles for Location and Wi-Fi is Mobile data is being used and vice versa.

There are also plenty of gesture features that are built into these phones, which will sense you either waving your hand or putting your phone on your ear while having a contact open to make a call. Most of these features feel quite gimmicky to me and I’ll suggest you disable all of them.

Firstly, head over to Motions and gestures under settings and disable all 4 options here.

Screenshot 2015 10 26 19 34 29

Then, head over to Accessibility from the main settings menu and then tap on Universal Switch. The toggle should be turned off, even if it is, click on SETTINGS above the button and in the page that opens, disable Auto scan.

26 October 2015 195506 Gmt 0530

Next, go back one page and then tap Dexterity and interaction and then on Gesture wake up. This toggle should be turned off.

Screenshot 2015 10 26 19 52 59
Screenshot 2015 10 26 19 20 53

Next, go back one page and then tap Interaction control and on the page that opens up, turn off this toggle too.

Screenshot 2015 10 26 19 41 54

5. Notification Reminders?

I’m not sure how many of you find this feature useful, but if you’re like me and think this is an unnecessary add-on, head over to Accessibility again from Settings and tap Notification reminder. Turn off the main toggle here.

Notification Reminder

Also under Accessibility, you can turn off everything under Direct access as well as Answering and ending calls. If you don’t find these features useful, that is.

How Do You Extend Battery Life?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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