How to Start Beta Testing for Google’s Android Search App

Every now and then Android apps get updates from the Play Store. Most are 3rd party apps that are updated by their own developers, but there are quite a few Google apps in there too. None more humble and more useful than the Google Search app.

Google Search On Android
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Before it gets updated and released to the world, most app developers like to release their beta versions to a bigger audience for testing.

Google recently made the beta version of their Search app available to beta testers. So, how do you become one?

Sign Up

The first step to becoming a beta tester is to sign up for the service. Google has created an opt-in page if you want to join their beta tester program. The main thing to remember here is to use the same gmail id that is your primary id on the Play Store. Because that’s where you will get to update the Search app, once you sign up.

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Screenshot 2015 10 24 16 27 41

Hitting the BECOME A TESTER button is all it takes to become a beta tester.

Head to the Play Store

Once you sign up, you will see an option at the bottom asking you to head to the Play Store and updating the Search app. Tap this and sure enough, you will see the update ready and waiting for you.

Screenshot 2015 10 24 16 27 58
Screenshot 2015 10 24 16 30 13

Once you update the app, you’re in. You can launch the Search app as you normally would and test out the functionality in the updated version of the app. If there are future updates, then too, beta testers will be the first in line to get them. Cool, right?

Test it Out

The whole point of a beta testing program is to collect the information from testers and improve the app. If there’s something you feel that can improve the app, here’s your chance.

Screenshot 2015 10 24 16 48 16
Screenshot 2015 10 24 16 34 541

It’s a good idea to note them all down in one place and provide Google with your feedback, rather than fussing later when the final version is out. (Check email id in the very first screenshot)

Bugs are Expected

Of course, this is only a beta version of the app. So expect some bugs to still be there. That said, you have to understand that these bugs are part of only the Google Search app itself. Don’t start freaking out over the fact that your phone has gone kaput. It hasn’t.

If you still feel that you don’t want to live with the hassles of testing out a beta app, or this one in particular, you can always visit the opt-out page and do the needful.

Screenshot 2015 10 24 18 32 24

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What are You Searching?

If you’ve signed up for the beta testing program and found some bugs, do join is in our forums too. So far, I haven’t seen any major changes, but as and when they keep rolling out, I should be one of the lucky few to see them early.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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