Will the New Apple TV Change the Mobile Gaming Landscape?

Even before the announcement of the new Apple TV, there have been a lot of comments about what the entrance of Apple more fully into the gaming market would mean to the games industry.

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Now, with the Apple TV having being fully revealed, we know that it will not only allow for games to be developed straight for TV sets thanks to the inclusion of its own App Store but that it also provides users with a novel control with a motion sensor and touch capabilities.

On top of that, we were shown a few very interesting demos that show some cool ways in which the new Apple TV can be used for gaming.

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After seeing all this, many media outlets have started to wonder if this will spell the doom of the gaming industry as we know it. So I thought I might add my two cents to the discussion.

Pure Value

A lot of people criticize gaming as being an expensive form of entertainment, especially when compared to mobile gaming which offers several games that are free or free to start at least.

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But if you take into account that the amount of entertainment time that you can get from a console game for $60 (the average price of a new release) can be at least in the tens of hours (if not hundreds), then console gaming suddenly doesn’t look that expensive anymore. And that is without considering the great deals you can find online if you look for them.

Enticing Gamers is Not Easy

The demos that we have seen of the new Apple TV so far have shown that it can be a great device that enables different experiences. However, those experiences are not new, as the ones a console like the Nintendo Wii offered almost a decade ago.

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As it stands, the mere idea of being able to play versions of your mobile games on your TV might be interesting for quite a few iPhone or iPad users, but it will do nothing to entice the hardcore gaming crowd into ditching their beloved consoles for a new Apple TV.

What Apple has to do if they want to target this crowd is to get third-party exclusive content. That is, to secure triple-A franchises that gamers buy consoles for and get the developers of these franchises to create exclusive games for Apple TV.

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However, this begs the question: Is Apple even interested in this market? Does it need to?

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The Usual Path

The answer to that is that perhaps they don’t. With the new Apple TV having its own App Store, it has already shown it can deliver apps able to provide unique forms of watching TV. If things play well for this new Apple device, then it will evolve and become more and more powerful, which in turn will entice big developers to bring their franchises over.

Until that time comes along, the experience of Apple TV will not be compelling enough to drastically affect the gaming industry. But again, it might never need to.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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