How to Use KeePass on Android and iOS

LastPass got hacked a few times in the past and I was having second thoughts about moving to another service. After all, it’s the master key to my entire digital life that they own. Still, I stayed with them, hoping they will fix these issues and make things more secure. However, the latest news about the tie-up with LogMeIn dealt a final blow and shattered my domino of trust and I started looking for alternatives the next second.

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Khamosh made things a bit easier by coming up with top 3 alternatives to LastPass and KeePass being the only one free among them, I chose it over others. My dad says, a penny saved is a penny earned and I always look out for any possible way to save mine.

However, the free price tag means that there’s no solid support and there are no official tools for browsers and smartphones which is really essential for any password manager. Luckily, it’s open source and therefore, a couple of tools, plugins and apps are available to bridge the gap. We have already written about how you can integrate KeePass with your browser. Today, as promised, I will be talking about some nice apps for Android and iOS.

Move the Vault to the Cloud

For the trick to work, your password vault must be stored on the clouds and as the KeePass doesn’t have a server of its own, you will have to take help from Dropbox. Install the app on your computer and either move the existing database file to the cloud, or create a new one if you are just starting with KeePass.

Keepass On Dropbox

Note: Android users can choose to host the KeePass database file to Google Drive, OneDrive or even a personal SFTP network. iPhone users don’t have a choice though.

Keepass2Android on Android

There are a lot of third party apps available for KeepPass on Android. But the reason I chose Keepass2Android over others is its ability to work with database files hosted on the cloud. When you install and open the app, it will ask you to either create a new database file or open one from local drive or a variety of cloud services.

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Keepass On Smartphones 05

After the file is read, it will ask you to enter the master password to decrypt the file and load all the entries in the exact same category as your computer.

Keepass On Smartphones 04

To use the app, you need to search for the website you are visiting and open the link. You will get buttons to copy the username and the password on the notification drawer and will reflect the last website you searched on the app. So once you are on the webpage, or the app where you need to enter the credentials, copy and paste the respective fields from the notification drawer.

Keepass On Smartphones 00

One of the interesting features the app offers is the ability to work with any Android browser. Open the share option on browser and select Keepass2Android. If not already unlocked, you will be asked for the password. Here you can search the database. You can also choose the KeePass keyboard from the notification drawer and enter the username and password.

Keepass On Smartphones 09
Keepass On Smartphones 07

KeePass Touch for iOS

Due to so many restrictions imposed by the iOS, KeePass Touch is not as feature rich as Keepass2Android. You can sync file from Dropbox and local FTP. There’s no option for OneDrive or Google Drive. Once you select the file, you will be asked to unlock it using the master password.

Keepass On Smartphones 11
Keepass On Smartphones 12

There’s no way you can directly import the username and password while you are browsing on Safari. But the app has a built-in browser using which can easily log you in to websites. If you really want to use Safari, or you need to enter your credentials on an app, you can copy the username and password from the clipboard.

Keepass On Smartphones 13
Keepass On Smartphones 14

For security, you can put a PIN lock and you also get touch ID recognition making it easier to unlock the database. The file updates on Dropbox are automatically updated. Apart from that, there are settings like visible password and clipboard memory you can configure.

Keepass On Smartphones 16
Keepass On Smartphones 15


So that’s all. We have already seen how to transfer all the data from LastPass to KeePass and how to use it on Chrome and Firefox. Now we know how to use it on our smartphones. If you have any request on KeePass usage, please get in touch with us on our forum and I will definitely look into it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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