How to Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone or Android 

WhatsApp is not just a platform for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues worldwide But it is also a place where so much valuable information, such as messages, media, files, and memories are stored. And whether you’re moving phones, reinstalling WhatsApp or just being safe, it’s crucial to create a backup for WhatsApp. 

How to Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

The article will walk you through various methods to back up, restore, and export WhatsApp chats on both iPhone and Android devices. So, just scroll down and say goodbye to anxiety over data loss and discover the ease of safeguarding your WhatsApp chats.

Method 1: How to Back Up WhatsApp Data on iCloud or Google Drive 

The best and safest way to save WhatsApp chat history is to back it up on the cloud, i.e., iCloud for iPhone and Google Drive for Android devices. But before we move on, let’s first clarify some facts about WhatsApp backup. 

  • WhatsApp doesn’t store chat histories on its servers and they can’t retrieve any deleted messages for you.
  • Since Whatsapp backups are linked to individual phone numbers, you can back up multiple WhatsApp accounts stored in the same account.
  • WhatsApp backup, i.e., media and messages aren’t protected by end-to-end encryption by default, although you can enable the setting. 

Save WhatsApp Chat on iCloud


  • iOS 12 or later.  
  • iCloud Device must be enabled (Settings → iCloud Drive → toggle on).
  • Sign in with Apple ID to access iCloud. 
  • Both iCloud and iPhone should have enough free space.  
  • Stable internet connection. 

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp → Settings. 

Step 2: Tap Chats. 

Step 3: Select Chat Backup. 

Step 4: Here. you’ll see the last backup date and size here. Tap Back Up Now to create the latest backup. 

Tap Chats → Chats Back up

Turn on Automatic Backup on iPhone

You can schedule an automatic daily, weekly, or monthly backup for your WhatsApp chats. To do so tap Auto Backup → select a preferred option. 

Tap auto back up

If you want to include or exclude videos from the backup, toggle on or off the switch accordingly. And when you want to disable WhatsApp Chat backup, repeat the steps mentioned above and select Off. 

Enable End to End Encrypted Backup

Tap ‘End-to-end Encrypted Backup’ → Tune On → choose between Create Password or ‘Use 64-digit Encryption Key Instead’ → set the password/key → Create. 

Tap Create to enable End to End Encrypted Backup

Note: If you’re switching iCloud accounts or are running out of space, you can check out this guide to delete WhatsApp backups from iCloud storage

How to Backup WhatsApp on Google Drive 


  • An active Google account on your Android device.
  • Google Play should be installed. 
  • Enough free space on your device to create the backup.
  • A stable internet connection.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp → tap the horizontal three-dot (more) icon → tap Settings. 

Step 2: Select Chats. 

Tap Settings → Chats

Step 3: Tap Chat Backup and then Back Up. 

Tap Chat backup → backup now

Set Automatic WhatsApp Backup 

Go to WhatsApp Settings → Chats → Chats backup → scroll to Google Drive settings → tap ‘Back up to Google Drive’ → select an automatic chat backup frequency.  

Tap Back up to Google Drive → frequency

You can also include videos in the backup, toggle on the switch next to it. 

Note: You can also switch Google accounts from this section, tap Google Account → choose the account, or Add account.  Although, if you change your Google account, you’ll lose access to any backups previously saved in that account.

Enable End-To-End Encrypted for Whatsapp Backup

Tap End-to-end encrypted backup → Turn On → select Create a password or ‘Use 64-digit Encryption Key Instead’ → enter password → tap Create.

Enable End To End Encrypted for Whatsapp Backup Android

Note: If you’re not able to backup WhatsApp chats, whether your WhatsApp is stuck looking for a backup or you get WhatsApp couldn’t complete backup error, check out the attached links for troubleshooting.  

Method 2: Store WhatsApp Chats Locally on Android

Android users have an added advantage when it comes to saving WhatsApp chat history. Instead of Google Drive, WhatsApp can also create a backup locally, i.e., on internal storage or SD card (if available). 

Although you can only use one of the methods. So, to enable WhatsApp backup locally on your Android device, you’ll have to disable backup on Google Drive. 

Disable Google Drive Back up – Go to WhatsApp Settings → Chats → Chats backup → scroll to Google Drive settings → tap ‘Back up to Google Drive’ → select Never. 

Back up WhatsApp chat locally – Next tap Back up and you’ll see a local backup section. 

To check the backup, go to Files Explorer → Internal Storage or SD Card → WhatsApp → Databases. The ‘msgstore’ files are the backup files, you can check the date of the latest backup. 

Store WhatsApp Chats Locally on Android

Method 3: Backup WhatsApp on iPhone via Computer and iPhone 

Unlike Android, it’s not possible to switch to local storage. Although, by default when you make an iPhone backup on Mac or Windows device, it automatically backups all apps and their data, including WhatsApp. 

So, iPhone users can create a backup of WhatsApp chat by creating a backup of their iPhone on Mac (Finder) or Windows (iTunes). To do so, simply connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows via USB. Next, open Finder/iTunes → under the Backups section select Back Up Now. 

Backup WhatsApp on iPhone via Computer and iPhone

However, there is a very big drawback with this method. iPhone backups are encrypted and you can’t just restore the WhatsApp section. So, if you want to restore WhatsApp from an old backup, you’ll be restoring your iPhone completely.  

Method 4: How to Export Entire WhatsApp Chat as PDF

While not really a convenient method to make and restore a complete backup, this method is perfect for safekeeping and sharing a particular chat, allowing you to keep a tangible record of your conversations. 

Thankfully, WhatsApp offers a convenient way to export and even print WhatsApp messages.

Export WhatsApp Chat on iPhone  

Launch WhatsApp → Settings → Chats → Export Chat → Choose the Chat you want to export → select between Attach Media or Without Media → here choose a preferred method, you can Save to Files or share it with someone via messages, email, WhatsApp, etc. 

Tap export chat and select the chat
export WhatsApp chat as PDF

Save WhatsApp Chat as PDF on Android 

Launch WhatsApp → three-dot icon → Settings → Chats → Chat History → Export Chat → select the chat → select between Include Media or Without Media → here you can choose whether to save or share the PDF. 

Save WhatsApp Chat as PDF on Android
Export chats on Android

Restore WhatsApp Backup 

WhatsApp offers the option to restore deleted chats if you have a recent backup. If you don’t have a backup, the chats might be irretrievable. However, the method of retrieval will depend on the initial backup method. 

For instance, the methods to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android, between iPhone to iPhone, and between Android to Android, are different. Moreover, there are also ways to restore WhatsApp messages without Google Drive.  

Recover WhatsApp Chats From Google Drive or iCloud

Reinstall WhatsApp on your device (iPhone or Android). After the basic installation is complete WhatsApp will prompt you to enter your number, two-factor pin, or OTP. 

Tap Restore Chat History → enter your password (if end-to-end encryption) is enabled → Next → enter your profile name → Done. 

Restore WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

FAQs Regarding Saving WhatsApp Chat

1. How to check the last WhatsApp backup?  

Checking the last WhatsApp backup is a straightforward process on iPhone or an Android device. Simply open WhatsApp → Settings → Chats → Chat Backup → here you’ll see last backup date, time, and location.   

2. Is there a way to recover deleted WhatsApp chats? 

Well it depends on when did you delete the message and the backup timing. If the backup still has your chat, it will be retrieved, otherwise there is no alternative. Although this method might delete some recent chats that are not backed up.

Safeguard Your Whatsapp Chat and Media

Backing up your WhatsApp data is essential for safeguarding your precious conversations and memories. Whether you use iCloud or Google Drive, you can easily create a backup and restore your chats whenever needed.

Additionally, you can export chats as PDF files for easy reference or sharing. By following this guide, you can ensure that your WhatsApp data remains secure and accessible across devices.

Last updated on 26 July, 2023

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