Top 3 Sites to Discuss Health Issues, Get Reliable Answers

You’ve probably heard that it’s pretty dangerous to go online and search for answers about your health as opposed to going to a doctor. In many cases, this is true because it’s never a good idea to self-diagnose yourself. Plus, search engine results tend to exaggerate the problem and will probably get you nervous about your symptoms.

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However, there are places on the web that offer great ways to get health information and communicate with other people about your health. Again, health websites shouldn’t typically be used for self-diagnosis, but they can be extremely insightful in narrowing down options or just learning more about your health. Here are the top three websites you should check out to get talking about health.

1. HealthBoards

HealthBoards is not only a great, free place to get answers about some health symptoms you might be having, but also to connect with people who are going through the same thing. It’s helpful in and of itself to know someone else is experiencing exactly what you are. Being able to talk each other so easily is just a testament to the wondrous powers of the Internet.

Healthboards Forum Health

If you sign up for an account, you can immediately start posting on a number of forum topics grouped into several categories: general, bone/joint/muscle, brain and nervous system, cancers, dental, diet/fitness, digestive and bowl, endocrine, family, genetics, health issues, healthcare, heart/vascular, immune and autoimmune, infectious diseases, kidney/liver/urinary, lung and respiratory, men, mental health, otolaryngology, senior, sexual health, skin and beauty, support, surgery, teen, vision and women. The list is extensive and you’ll have a difficult time trying to find someone who doesn’t have the same concern you do.

Separate from the forum, HealthBoards also has new Health Centers which are one-stop guides to a particular problem. The only one currently available is for anxiety and panic disorders, but others are coming soon.

2. eHealthForum

eHealthForum is very similar to HealthBoards in that it’s a free collection of both “health centers” and forums. However, eHealthForum doesn’t get as many monthly visitors as HealthBoards and therefore doesn’t have as active of a social scene. There aren’t nearly as many topics as HealthBoards has up for discussion, either, so those are two things to consider before signing up.

Ehealth Forum

eHealthForum does have a superior library of health centers and they’re extremely resourceful. From acid reflux to anemia, you can find a wealth of information about various health problems and compare them to your own symptoms. The first step toward recovery is knowledge and understanding.

3. Healthcare Magic

Healthcare Magic is actually very unique in that you can directly ask a doctor a question about your health and get an answer. You can choose between a general physician or a specialist depending the level of expertise you require.

Healthcare Magic Ask Doctor Question

Prices range from $15 per month for unlimited questions to $29 per month for unlimited specialist contacts. If you just want to ask a single question (plus get two follow-ups) you can pay either $18 for a general physician or $35 for a specialist. It’s basically like having a virtual doctor available to you whenever you want.

Tip: For free, you can search through the public library of questions that have already been asked and answered. A lot of the answers aren’t available in full without payment though, so you’re probably better off just contacting one of the doctors directly.

Remember, for any of these services, if you’re having a medical emergency it’s best to seek professional help immediately.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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