Instantly Create YouTube Video Playlists With ListAndPlay

Recently, a few days after Google announced Instant Search, a YouTube version of the instant search was created by a Stanford student which most of you might have heard of. ListAndPlay is a better version of that tool. It lets you instantly search for and create YouTube video playlists that could be listened to or shared in a click.

Just like Google Instant produces search results as you type, this tool shows YouTube videos as you type your query. It automatically starts playing the most popular video (you can disable this option) and shows more videos in a row below this video.


As you see in the above screenshot, I typed Google and it started playing the related video. Each video has a small green icon on its top right corner that shows up only when you hover the mouse pointer over it. You could click on this button to add the video to the playlist that shows up on the right sidebar of the page.


You’ll notice that there are options to move a particular video up or down the playlist and also to delete it from that list.

Sharing the entire video playlist with someone is pretty easy too. There’s a share section which has popular social site buttons as well as a url to help you share the page easily.


Overall, a fun tool for YouTube lovers. Useful too if you are looking to aggregate videos from a particular category.

Check out ListandPlay to create and share YouTube video playlists.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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