How to Search the Internet From Your Windows 7 Taskbar

If you frequently use the browser search box on the top right to search Google on any other search engine, you might as well have that search box on your Windows 7 Taskbar to eliminate a few more seconds while conducting a search.

This brief tutorial would show you how you could add the browser address bar to your Windows 7 taskbar and then use it to search the internet without the need to open a browser.

Here are the steps.

Right click the blank area of taskbar and select “Properties” to open the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” window.

01 Taskbarand Start Menu Properties

Switch to “Toolbars” tab, check the “Address” toolbar to add to the taskbar. Click OK.

02 Add Address Toolbarto Taskbar

The newly added “Address” bar is now added just next to the system tray. You can simply enter directory path or website address to go. When you type in some words, a “Search for …” box will pop up, just click on the item to start your searching.

03 Search Internetfrom Addresstoolbar

By default, Windows 7 will use Bing to help you complete the task. If you want to use Google, Yahoo or even topic specific search engines like Amazon, you could follow our guide to change the default search provider in internet explorer. And that’s only if IE is your default browser.

If you have Firefox or Chrome as your default browser, you will get the corresponding address bar there and hence can easily search the internet using it.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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