How to Bookmark and Share Specific Portions of an Online Video

If you find something interesting on a webpage, you could easily share that portion of the site using previously mentioned Bounce. But what if you want to share an interesting portion of an online video?

You might come across a video that drags on for several minutes before anything cool and funny happens. In such videos, it’s better to bookmark that point where the fun begins and then share it. This is what Blipsnips does.


BlipSnips is an online video tagging service that can help you sort through YouTube and Vimeo videos, and set bookmarks in each video that will lead your friends directly to the part you want them to see.

The tool requires registration to begin with. There are two ways to use Blipsnips: 1. Copy and paste the webpage address in the box on their website, or drag the “BlipSnip It” bookmarklet on your browser’s toolbar and then click on it while watching the video.

02 Create Blip Snip

The video clip will be loaded in BlipSnips’ webpage when the button is clicked. Click “Play It” to start watching the video.

03 Play Youtube Video

Wait for the featured moment, or drag the navigation bar to the specific time, click “Tag It” button and then you will be able to make some comments about that portion of the video.

04 Makeannotationonvideo

You can add more tags by clicking “Tag It” again. If you find something wrong, just use the cross link besides a specific annotation to remove the corresponding tag. Once you are done, click “Save & Share” at the bottom to finish the process.

Now you can send the webpage address generated by BlipSnips to your friends. When the video begins to play, click on any desired bookmarked item to jump to predefined parts.

Additionally, you can always manage your bookmarked YouTube or Vimeo video clips through the “My BlipSnips” page.

Check Out BlipSnips to bookmark and share specific portions of YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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