How to Automate Meeting Schedules on Android Calendar

As a part of my job, I get invited to a lot of events, conferences and meetups. PR agencies usually call or email me with venue and timing details of the event. I check my calendar and reply with a yes or a no. Then add the event to the calendar just so that I don’t miss out on it.

On the day of the event, by any chance if I am running late, I notify the members about it. Oh forget it, I am sure you must be knowing how these things go.

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Everything is just so manual and non-effective. We have only moved from pen and diaries to apps and emails, but the whole process is still the same.

Well, Kono is an app that aims to change things when it comes to scheduling events, meetups, corporate business lunches or even if you just want to hang out with friends. The app automates the process of creating events, managing calendar and even alerting for the upcoming events. So let me show you how you can use the app to automate the whole task to a certain degree.

Scheduling Meetings using Kono

After you install the app and launch it, it will ask you to create an account. For me, the Facebook option was grayed out, don’t know why. So I used the Google sign-in option to create an account.

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Once Kono loads up, it will have the details from your Android calendar. You can also tap the Calendar icon at the bottom-right corner to view the full Android Calendar. So let’s tap on the add icon to create an event and let the fun begin.

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Kono will give you the type of meetup that you can go for, like meetings, conference call, lunch or if you just want to hang out with a couple of friends who have a busy schedule. Once you make a selection, it will ask you to select the people from your contacts whom you would like to send out the invitation to. If a person is not your contacts, just type in the entire email address and select it.

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Next, the app will give you three recommended places you can meetup. The location can be changed along with the time. The three options make it easier for the person to pick out possible free time. You can change the location and time as per your choice.

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Finally select all the options you would like to give your friend and tap next. Send out the final invitation and it’s time to wait.

Responding to Meetings

Users who are already using Kono will get an instant alert on their phones. On the app they can respond to the meeting and also choose the time and place set by you. If they are fine with more than one option, then check both and leave the rest. Once confirmed by both parties, the event is added to the calendar directly.

Kono Confirm

For those who are not on Kono yet, will get an email confirmation and would be able to respond on the web. After confirmation, they will receive a file that can be imported to the desktop calendar. Quite an interesting feature, I would say.

Kono Email Confirm

That’s not all, even after everything is done, Kono will remind you when it’s time for you to leave for the meeting. Or if you are running late, it will send an email or drop a text to the people who were attending with your ETA.

Start using Kono Today

So that was all about Kono. The meetings are scheduled easily, invitations were sent quickly and you are even saved from getting late. Kono covers it all when it comes to working on meetings and small gatherings. The app works for users who have not adopted Kono yet, but is amazing if both the parties are on Kono. The app is free, so do try it out.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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