How to Solve Comcast Xfinity Issues from Your Smartphone

Many of us here in the U.S. are subscribed to Comcast Xfinity for cable, Wi-Fi and or home phone service. Unfortunately, since Comcast has an unavoidable monopoly in many areas, many of us also have to deal with Xfinity problems. The good news is you don’t need to always call up Comcast customer support every single time you’re having an issue with your service.

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Comcast actually has an app called Xfinity My Account for iOS and Android. On top of being able to pay your bills and manage services, it has a handy troubleshooting feature for issues you might be having. Whether your Wi-Fi isn’t working or your cable is freezing up, you can walk through steps and even fix issues right from the app.

Xfinity TV Problems

If you’re having issues with your Comcast Xfinity television service, you can tap TV in the My Account app to see the list of available troubleshooting options.

Note: If you have more than one television in your home hooked up to an Xfinity receiver, you’ll first have to choose the television you want to repair service for.

When I first upgraded to Xfinity X1 service, I had issues with the cable box freezing up every so often for no reason. I’d often resort to this My Account app to quickly reboot it, which you can still do here by tapping Restart this device.

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Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 1

If you’re issue is a bit more complicated, you can tap Troubleshoot instead. It’ll first ask you what the problem appears to be. On Demand might not be working, your cable box is just acting strangely or you have an error message. Either way, you can select the problem and Comcast will automatically try and resolve it for you. It’ll ask if the back-end services did the trick and if not you can proceed with the troubleshooting.

Ultimately, most basic issues can get resolved by rebooting the device, but you can place appointments for repairs if necessary too. You can always watch some free movies and TV shows online while you wait.

Xfinity Internet and Wi-Fi Problems

If you’re facing issues with Internet or Wi-Fi, the amount of troubleshooting that can be done in the app is a little less extensive than for TV woes. In the Internet tab, you can tap Restart Device to reboot your router. Believe it or not, this simple trick can actually solve a ton of connectivity issues.

Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 4
Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 3

Otherwise, you can tap Common Problems & Solutions to get a handy list of frequently asked questions, answers and guides. It’s less intuitive than Comcast just being able to remotely fix the problem automatically, but it’s still useful if you’re willing to read through and potentially take on the job yourself.

Xfinity Voice Problems

Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 5
Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 6

Because of the complications with

how voice connections work

, the Xfinity My Account app doesn’t offer much to solve issues you’re riddled with. In the 


tab you can tap 

Common Problems & Solutions

to read through something that might help you, like if you’re having trouble setting up voicemail. However, the app won’t be able to remotely repair anything related to Xfinity Voice.

Local Outages

It’s important to remember that sometimes the issue you’re experiencing isn’t isolated to just your home. That’s why as soon as you open the My Account app, Comcast will let you know if there are any outages in your area that might be affecting service quality. If this is the case, it’s out of your hands to fix issues, but they typically get resolved within a few hours.

Xfinity My Account Comcast Troubleshoot App 7

If you’re still having problems for any of the aforementioned services but there aren’t any outages, you can tap Having issues?for quick access to troubleshooting and restart links.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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