4 Tips for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ You Should Know

It’s cool to see so many innovations in the smartphone industry. The battle truly has shifted from “My phone has more horsepower than yours” to “My phone has cooler features than yours.” Swinging its own punches is Samsung, with its unique offering – the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge+.

S6 Edge

Though I wasn’t totally convinced with the idea of having curved screens adding any added functionality, there was no denying one simple fact. These phones definitely looked sexy. And whether you see yourself using the edges to check weather or notifications, it certainly is an interesting feature that no other manufacturer has so far ‘been inspired’ from.

Here are some tricks that should be useful to everyone who buys an S6 edge+.

1. Apps Edge

We’ve already spoken about the People Edge feature while taking about the S6 edge, but with the S6 edge+ you also get an Apps Edge. This feature essentially adds another layer on the People Edge screen which can be accessed by swiping the same way on the edges. You can set your favorite apps to be shown here, but unlike the People Edge where you could take actions for things like a missed call, you cannot do much for Apps. Also, they are not available when the phone is locked.

Apps Edge 1
Apps Edge

If you want to re-order them, simply drag and drop up and down. Also dragging the settings wrench will shift the pointer on the edge screen, from where you can pull up People and Apps Edge. I found it works best when positioned in the center, as the S6 edge+ is significantly larger than the S6 edge.

2. Change Sound Quality on Headphones

This feature is available in the default music player on the device. You can reach it by tapping MORE either from the current playlist or the song and then tapping SoundAlive. Once you do, hit Sound quality and effects to get to the really useful stuff. Here, you will see 3 different options that are available when you plug in a headphone and the top 2, i.e. UHQ Upscaler and SoundAlive+ are great.

Sound Alive
Audio Tuning

The Tube Amp Pro made the sound a little muddy but you can try out all kinds of permutations and combinations to see which sounds best with your pair of earphones/headphones.

Personally, I found myself keeping the first 2 options on all the time. For every genre of music.

3. Boost Your Download Speed

Navigate to Settings and then tap More connection settings to get to a hidden option that needs your attention. There is a Download booster hidden here which is off by default, but when turned on can boost the rate at which you can download attachments and files over a data connection.

Download Booster
Download Booster Enabled

In my testing, it proved quite handy and something that will appeal to the road warriors who are always moving and still getting work done.

Data Too Costly? Then here are some tips you should find useful to conserve costs.

4. Give Your S6 edge+ a Makeover

With the addition of a Theme Store, Samsung is finally giving users the ability to customize the look of their Galaxy devices without using 3rd party apps. Long press anywhere on the home screen to reveal the Themes icon at the bottom and once you tap it, you can browse and choose the theme you like.

Themes Option
Themes Store

I have personally used and liked the Material and the Dark Material theme. If you find yourself searching for apps with dark themes yourself, then the Dark Material theme is the one you should jump on.

Falling off the Edge?

If you’ve had any trouble with the Galaxy S6 edge or S6 edge+ do drop in a comment in our forum. I’d be happy to help out in any way, hoping this post has helped you already in a small yet helpful way.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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