How to Move from an Android to an iPhone using Move to iOS

Every phone manufacturer these days is coming up with tools that help their users transfer from an old device to a new one. If you are switching from an older version of an iPhone to a new one, the process is as simple as using your iCloud account to sync the settings or use an iTunes backup. However, if you are moving from a completely different domain, let’s say Android, getting all the data on the new phone was quite a process.

Move To Ios

There are a few apps available which help you to back up data while switching phones. But the ones that are free requires a lot of manual work and the others that are hassle free always comes with a price tag. You might already be aware that Apple released an app called Move to iOS for anyone planning to switch from Android to iOS. The app focuses on transferring data from user’s Android device to a new iPhone running on iOS 9.

So let’s see how you can use the app while setting up your new iPhone.

Using The Move to iOS App

After you switch on your iPhone, you will have to complete a few steps like choosing the region and language along with a Wi-Fi network to connect to. After you complete a few initial steps, iOS will ask you if you would like to set up the iPhone as a brand new phone, or use backups from iCloud, iTunes or an Android phone. Here select the option Move Data from Android. Your iPhone will show you a 10 digit code, keep it handy.

I Os Setup 4
I Os Setup 5

Now, head over to your Android and install the Move to iOS app. The app has received a lot of 1 star rating and that shouldn’t bother you as it’s not regarding the app and its functionalities. It’s Android fans trolling Apple. After the app is installed, it will ask you for a 10 digit code that you got on your iPhone. As soon as you enter the code, the app will try to connect and communicate with the iPhone.

Android Move To Ios 2
Android Move To Ios 3

Finally, you will be asked to select the data you would like to transfer to your new iPhone. Make a selection and tap on Next. The data then be transferred from your Android to iOS. Finally, you will be asked to create an iCloud account to manage the phone.


The process is simple, even for beginners, but there are a few points you must keep in mind.

Points to Remember

  1. The transfer takes place over the internet and not using the local Wi-Fi network. If you are backing up your photos, it might consume a lot of bandwidth in the data upload and download.
  2. You might see some loss of data if the size of the Android gallery is too big for the iOS to fit in.
  3. None of your data from apps like WhatsApp and Hike would be transferred. You will have to start from scratch on your iPhone.

Author’s Advice

As a tech enthusiast, I wouldn’t advice you to waste GBs of your bandwidth on the transfer. There are ways it could be achieved using a local Wi-Fi connection. As I hinted in the beginning, you can try the ShareIt app as a free alternative to transfer the data after you have setup a new iPhone.


For those who are looking for an easier and robust way for just a few dollars might want to check out an app called MobileTrans. Things can’t get simpler than this. But if bandwidth is not an issue, you can use the Move to iOS app. We won’t judge you!


So that was how you can use the Move to iOS app to transfer the data from an Android pone to a new iPhone. The only thing that’s uncomfortable is the idea of moving the apps using internet even when both the phones are side-side. A simple Wi-Fi transfer would have been faster and affective. Apple, we hope you are listening!

Moreover, once the transfer is done, the iPhone will give you a tip to recycle the phone at a nearest Apple Store. You can do that, or sell it for some cash online. Just make sure you erase all the data on it completely.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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